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    Top CDI Resume Writing Tools and Resources

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    Resume targetThe one thing hosting the CDI website tour earlier this year taught me is that the member resource library is FULL of gems that you can put to use right away to to fill your current needs. So, I’ve gathered all the top resume writing resources together in one place!

    Whether you are interested in improving your writing, helping a client with a challenging career trajectory, or understanding what it takes to win a TORI, you’ll find just about everything you ever need to succeed on this page!

    Great Resume Resources

    Some of our favorites include:

    TORI Competition-Specific Resources

    Up Your Resume Writing & Design – Advice From TORI Entries That Won or Weren’t Nominated (2+ Hr Video Lesson)

    Grow Your Resume Writing Business with a 2024 TORI Award (Replay)

    Award-Winning Resume Writing Strategy & TORI ROI with Marie Plett, Deborah Schuster & Pam Foster (Replay)

    Award-Winning Resume Writing Strategy & TORI ROI with Barbara Safani, Yuvika Iyer & Arno Markus (Replay)

    Award-Winning Resume Writing Strategy & TORI ROI with Tiffany Hardy, Amy Britta Watt & Renzo Luis Maúrtua Neumann (Replay)

    Award-Winning Resume Writing Strategy & TORI ROI with Bridget Batson, Catharine Craig & Paula Christensen (Replay)

    10 TORI-Winning Resume Writing Tips in 10 Minutes with Laura DeCarlo (Video Tip)

    Graphic Resume Design Strategies & Software for Resume Writing (Q&A Lesson)

    ATS-Friendly Graphic Resumes & the TORI Resume Writing Awards (Q&A Lesson)

    Capturing Winning Resume Writing Content from Job Seekers (Q&A Lesson)

    TORI Resume Entry Selection: Tips from Resume Writing Award Winners (Q&A Lesson)

    TORI Resume Writing Award Judges Share Tips & Strategies – Part One (Q&A Lesson)

    TORI Resume Writing Award Judges Share Tips & Strategies – Part Two (Q&A Lesson)

    TORI Spotlight – 1st Place Executive Resume, 2018 Competition (Lesson)

    TORI Award-Winning Resume Strategies & You (Core Lesson)

    Lessons in Resume Writing from 2017 TORI Winners (Core Lesson)

    Secrets to Winning TORI Resume Awards (Audio)

    TORI Award Winning Resumes

    Resume Writing Video & Audio Tutorials

    Step-by-Step Tutorial: Create Amazing Graphs & Charts for Resume Writing in MS Word with Marie Plett (Video Lesson)

    Nail Your Resume Writing Intake Process to Elevate Writing & Enhance Client Experience with Rachel Raymond (Video Lesson)

    Graphic Resume Design and ATS with Marie Plett (Q&A Video Lesson)

    How to Design ATS-Friendly Graphic Resumes with Marie Plett (Video Master Class)

    How to Embrace the Future of Visual Storytelling in Resume Writing with Skye Berry (Video Master Class)

    Story-Based Value Propositions in Resume Writing, LinkedIn Profiles, and Peripheral Documents with Kimberly Robb Baker (Video Master Class)

    Executive Career Portfolio Resumes with Mary Elizabeth Bradford (Video Master Class)

    Resume Formatting Magic Tricks & Charts in MS Word with Marie Plett (Video Master Class)

    Elevate Your Resume Formatting from Blah to Brilliant with Cheryl Lynch Simpson (Video Master Class)

    Mind Control via Emotional Resonance in Resume Writing with Donald Burns (Video Master Class)

    Visual Branding for Resume Writing in MS Word with Cheryl Lynch Simpson (Video Master Class)

    Resume Writing Intake Process with Tiffany Hardy (Video Master Class)

    Headlines & Branding Statements in Resumes with Laura Smith-Proulx (Video Master Class)

     Step-by-Step Creative Logos for Resumes with Marie Plett (Video Master Class)

    Story Telling & Branding in Resume Writing with Kim Robb Baker (Video Master Class)

    Introduction to the Federal Application and Resume Writing Process with Robin Schlinger (Video Master Class)

    Secrets to Writing New Graduate & Career Changer Resumes (Video Lesson) – follow up to core lesson below

    Use Storytelling to Transform Job Descriptions in Resume Writing with Laura DeCarlo (Video Tip)

    Value of Visual & Creative Resumes with Laura DeCarlo & Marie Plett (Video Tip)

    Is the Resume Really Dead? with Laura DeCarlo, Marie Plett & Audrey Prenzel (Video Tip)

    Creating Resume USPs & Summaries (Audio)

    Resume Writing Power Q&A 2016 (Audio)

    Resume Data Mining: Client Information Gathering & Control (Audio)

    Resume Writing Core Lessons & Tip Sheets

    Educate Clients on Resume Tailoring + Client Template (Best Practice Tip)

    Resume Writer’s Beginner Guide to Adding Graphics to Resumes in MS Word (Core Lesson)

    New Graduate & Career Changer Resume Writing Decoded (Core Lesson)

    Recruiters Speak About Listing COVID Vaccination Status on Your Resume (Recruiter Voice)

    Secrets to Writing New Graduate & Career Change Resumes (Video Lesson) – follow up to core lesson above

    Easy Steps to More Clients, Website Fixes, Better Resumes (Core Lesson)

    5 Steps to Resume Information Gathering (Infographic)

    Creating Resumes That Visually Pop (Best Practice Tip Sheet)

    Strategies for Client Resume Writing Interviews (Best Practice Tip Sheet)

    Employment Gaps in the Resume (Best Practice Tip Sheet)

    Writing Resumes for Career Changers (Best Practice Tip Sheet)

    Super-Secret Red Carpet Resume Writing Strategy (Core Lesson)

    Write Better Resumes in Seconds: Fixing Terror Errors (Core Lesson)

    Sample Resume Questionnaires

    Best Resume Writing Fonts List

    Action Verb List

    Resume Trends: Global Hiring Survey Report (E-book)

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