Intro to the Federal Resume Writing & Application Process (Video Lesson)

Federal-Resume-Writing-Process-Video-LessonIf you’re a professional resume writer, then the topic of federal resume writing has likely come up. Like many, you may have found yourself stymied by the complex process, extra requirements, vast differences from civilian resumes, and even trying to determine if your client truly meets the appropriate criteria to even be considered. This video lesson will help you get clear on the federal resume writing application process and what’s unique about federal resume writing.

We asked federal resume expert, Robin Schlinger, to create a program that would demystify this process and she has done it in this:

Introduction to the Federal Application and Resume Writing Process.

In this 60-minute program, Robin promises to cover: 

  • Where to look for federal jobs.
  • Eight items to check for a federal job.
  • Differences between corporate and federal resumes.
  • Sample federal resume.
  • Access to a federal resume template.

While I was listening to Robin I found these key takeaway topics you’ll want to learn about: 

  • Now is the time to guide clients toward non-competitive appointed jobs thanks to the recent US presidential appointment.
  • Understand hiring preference assignments for disabled veterans and non-disabled veterans.
  • How to gain experience with SES (executive-level) federal resumes.
  • Access to salary chart by location/grade level.
  • How to make volunteering, academics, and giving advice on the job count as experience for federal jobs.
  • Length of federal resumes.
  • What to include in a federal resume.
  • How to read a federal job positing and where to find “what else must be included” for a federal application.
  • What to do if a candidate has 30 years of work history (relevant or irrelevant).
  • Importance of using a story telling model such as Situation, Action, Result (SAR) in the federal resume and how it benefits applicants for upcoming behavioral interviews.
  • Five items to focus on for Senior Executive Service (SES) resumes.
  • How to earn a 15% referral fee ($300-500ish) if you get federal resume clients you prefer to refer.

Robin SchlingerAbout Robin: 

Robin Schlinger has been writing Federal resumes since 2001. In 2006, she started Robin’s Resumes®. She has won numerous awards from NASA for writing career documentation for Federal government executives. Before becoming a resume writer, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from MIT and had a successful career, delivering millions of dollars to company bottom lines.

Robin has been active in Career Directors International (CDI), Career Thought Leaders, National Resume Writers Association (NRWA), Georgia Career Development Association (GCDA), and Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC). As the CDI Director of Awards, she oversaw the annual Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) awards for five years.

She has a 2-part online webinar available to resume writing professionals on Federal resume writing. She has delivered Federal resume presentations at the GCDA and the last Career Management Alliance (CMA) conference.

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