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    TORIs: Story-Based Value Propositions with Kimberly Robb Baker (Video Master Class) + CCST Offer

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    We are so excited to bring you this FREE resume writing and story-based branding video lesson from TORI award winner, Kimberly Robb Baker:

    Story-Based Value Propositions:
    The Career Writer’s Key to Remaining Relevant

    In the video lesson posted below you will receive:

    A Description of the Story-Based Value Proposition Statement.

    What it is, what it’s not, and how your clients can use it.

    A Demonstration of How Kim Uses This Tool to Create Client Elevator Pitches.

    As a resume writer, you know how many hours it can take to create a concise, compelling value proposition statement. Learn how adding business storytelling elements makes it crystal clear where your client’s assets and their target market align, making every word of their value proposition count.

    Kim will show you exactly how she creates a story-based elevator pitch, though the same value proposition statement could be used in the profile section of the resume, as the foundation of a cover letter or LinkedIn summary, and multiple other components of a client’s communications portfolio.

    Tips on Incorporating the Story-Based Value Proposition to Close Resume Clients.

    In 13 years of business, Kim has done very little marketing, has a 6-figure resume firm, easily closes mid-4-figure packages, and has a waiting list.

    That’s partly because when she talks to clients, the resume is only one piece of the conversation.

    They focus on defining their core value and how that informs their resume, LinkedIn profile, networking efforts, job interviews, and even their self-concept.

    Kim gives you the language she uses when speaking to prospective clients so you can turn your new skill into more sales.

    CDI resume writer certification Course: Certified Career StorytellerHow to Become One of the First Certified Career Storytellers through CDI While Saving Big With Our Black Friday/Cyber Monday Launch Special.

    As a participant in this training, you’ll be the first to learn the details of the 2020 relaunch of the Career Storytelling Certification Program and how to become a Certified Career Storyteller (CCST).

    IMPORTANT: The CCST page has been completely updated as of 11/25/19 to reflect the complete curriculum, learning objectives, takeaways, and special launch pricing. So even if you’ve visited before, you will want to take a second look as this course, at this price — you won’t want to miss!

    Kim herself states it’s the course she wishes was available when she was starting out.

    While there are many resume writing courses and certifications available, the CCST bridges the gap on so many aspects of effective careers writing that until now you had to figure out on your own, learn one-on-one from mentors who get it, or go outside of the industry to find — especially in the area of business storytelling.

    Once Kim got this all figured out, it fueled her practice well into six figures and enabled her to win 35 TORI nominations and so many wins. Even better, she’s helped clients find fulfilling work and support their families, often under challenging circumstances like career changes, long employment gaps, or industry downturn.

    So watch the webinar below and then check out the mega special Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer for the CCST. There’s a very special fast-action bonus for the first 10 registrants.

    Ready to take the next step?

    Learn about CDI’s Certified Career Storyteller course + mega-discount + fast-action bonus >>

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