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    Opportunities for Both Members and Non-Members

    CDI Cyber Offers - Cart Close 2023

    Opportunities for Both Members and Non-Members

    For 19 years CDI has existed with the sole purpose of helping industry pros just like YOU to greater success. (You’ll see all the metric-driven testimonials on each of the program pages below).

    But for real, time is running out for you because:

    For the 1st time ever we’ll be closing Association Membership and the Career Industry Accelerator Club for new registrations in mid-December.

    After that we’ll be focusing on pouring all our expertise and energy into our existing members.

    Everyone who misses out will get to join the waiting list for both opportunities.

    No, we don’t know when they will reopen….

    That’s what makes these Cyber Week offers such a double win: You get in on all the CDI magic AND you save big! (Even if you’re a current member!)

    Listen, most career industry pros — resume writers and career coaches — are working a WHOLE LOT harder than they have to for their success.

    And if you’re not succeeding then you’re losing out on your dream, and that’s heartbreaking!

    You’re helping job seekers get a leg up, increase their salary, eliminate their stress, and reduce their time to hire.

    Your reward shouldn’t be a life on hold because you’ve got to work, work, work, scramble, and stress to make it happen.

    It’s time to STOP taking bad advice or going it alone and reinventing the wheel.

    What we’re offering is incredible value:

    Even if you invested in ALL THREE offers, you’d still spend less than what our average members makes with JUST ONE CLIENT SALE.

    Think about that as you review these three opportunities. Then come join us on the inside.

    Save now on:

    • CDI Association Membership (monthly or annual). Current members can add years as well.
    • Career Industry Accelerator Coaching Club (annual option, open to members only). Current members can add years as well.
    • Resume Business Roadmap Program. No CDI membership required!

    Association Membership – Join/Add Year(s) at 34% Off + Registration Closing

    Not yet a CDI association member?

    This could be your LAST CHANCE for a while as we’re going to close registration on 12/15/2023 so we can focus on our existing members.

    Your career doesn’t deserve a waiting list, does it? 

    This is Mission Success!

    And we’re here to prove success doesn’t have to be sweaty, icky, or stressful. In fact, it should be rewarding and fun.

    You’ve picked an industry with an infinite clientele but you can tap into the magic of CDI for less than what you’ll earn from one client.

    There’s a reason why our members are loyal and why they earn 2-3X the rates of their colleagues.

    Ready to find out what success without stress looks like?

    Monthly and annual membership options available. 

    DON’T WAIT: Registration Closes for Association Membership on 12/15/2023. A waiting list will be initiated. 

    CDI members can also add up to five (5) years at this rate.

    Career Industry Accelerator Coaching Club – Join/Add Year(s) at 63% Off + Registration Closing

    CDI's Career Industry Accelerator Coaching Club

    Tired of coasting, scrambling, or not knowing where to start?

    Career Industry Accelerator Coaching Club is where you will come together with colleagues to:

    • Get on the spot consulting and coaching with 6-figure success coach, Laura DeCarlo.
    • Drive the selection of monthly training sessions.
    • Build deep industry connections and partnerships.
    • Participate in a supportive think tank of industry leaders.
    • Receive guidance to the industry’s top targeted resources to address your needs.

    More than a think tank, career industry entrepreneurs flock to the Accelerator Club to build and celebrate their success.

    Membership in CDI is required to join.

    DON’T WAIT: Registration Closes for Accelerator Club on 12/15/2023. A waiting list will be initiated. 

    CDI members can also add up to five (5) years at this rate.

    Resume Business Roadmap Program – 50% Off

    If you’ve dreamed of starting a resume writing business or have one and are struggling with structure for success, then this course is for you.

    In Resume Business Roadmap™ you are guided through each step necessary to plan, start, build, and grow a resume practice. You’ll also thrive with bonus resume writing lessons, Resumes for Dummies, and a private support group just for participants on the roadmap journey.

    CDI membership is not required for this course.

    Resume Business Roadmap Bundle (2 books, an online course, coaching and support)
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