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    Executive Career Portfolio Resume Writing (Member Video Master Class)

    We’re excited to bring you this informative webinar on the Executive Career Portfolio Resume with TORI winner, Mary Elizabeth Bradford of MaryElizabethBradford.com. 

    This year we revamped the TORI resume award competition categories to reflect changes in the world and what our clients need. One of those changes was the introduction of a Best Portfolio Careers resume category. We define it as:

    It’s a gig economy out there and the side hustle (job on the side) has morphed into a portfolio career. This individual won’t have one employer but several; they are thought leaders who like to get out there and be involved. This chameleon could be at any level of their profession and may have a mix of contract work, consulting work, adjunct professorships, board roles, and more. The purpose of this resume is solely to get more gigs – not to land one combined perfect position.

    Since the gig economy has only begun to pick up speed in the last few years, we felt a webinar on the subject from a leading TORI winner was in order. As a leader in resumes for VP to CXO clients across the globe, Mary Elizabeth Bradford and her team at MaryElizabethBradford.com have already been pioneering this niche. So, we are very excited to bring you this informative webinar from Mary Elizabeth, complete with samples of her take on career portfolio executives and how to package them for the resume.

    Specifically, more and more executives are using their resumes on a regular basis – to field opportunities beyond the traditional career move. Your objective is to showcase your client as a multi-dimensional leader and create talking points for different opportunities your executive client is interested in vetting.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    • Explanation of a career portfolio executive and their goals.
    • How to work with career portfolio executives.
    • Strategies to write a career portfolio resume that can showcase what your client is best at across various landscapes.
    • Examples of career portfolio executive resumes.
    • Value to your skills and business in entering the TORI competition.

    Our favorite elements of this presentation include Mary Elizabeth’s focus on:

    • Emphasizing scale, scope and alignment as well as continuity across platforms.
    • Defining client driving motivators and opportunities.
    • Valuing visual summary elements such as lists, charts, boxes, columns, colors, shading, and keyword groupings.
    • Seeing the portfolio resume as marketing collateral, and not being afraid to begin at the end and work backwards with that focus.
    • Exploring the samples she provided.
    • Adapting the portfolio resume to non-executive clients as well.

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