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    10 Winning Resume Writing Tips in 10 Minutes (Video Tip)

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    Make the most of your TORI entries with this tip

    This ten minute video covers strategies to increase your chances of winning a TORI resume writing award.

    Why would you care?

    Winning or being nominated for a TORI award is the lowest cost yet highest ROI way to grow your business almost overnight.

    Consider the testimonial I received last year from Melissa Kelley of Kelley Resumes and Wordsmithing:

    So I’ve had a really good problem. Just being nominated last year doubled my business on average. I’ve had to revamp my production and project management processes and am looking to bring on a subcontractor.

    Can you imagine what that could mean for your business, especially at a price point of only $40 for one category and $250 for all 10?

    Plus, there are 10 categories which means you have 50 chances to be nominated and 30 chances to win.

    This will make your business growth explode!

    So, watch this 10 minute video to learn:

    • One mistake that will guarantee you won’t win a TORI.
    • Possibility of winning as a first-time entrant.
    • What opportunity there is for international resume writers.
    • Software you need to have to create great TORI entries. (Hint: I’m sure you have it).
    • One error that can really hurt an otherwise perfect resume.
    • ATS and the TORIs.
    • Which resume candidates make the best TORI entries.
    • Importance of story telling in your resumes.
    • Balance between layout/design and writing. (It’s likely not what you think).

    Don’t wait! Registrations are accepted until Thursday, July 18, 2024.

    Watch the video now:

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