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    Resume Writing Intake Process to Elevate Writing & Client Experience (Video Lesson)

    Nail the Resume Writing Intake Session - Video Lesson with Rachel RaymondWhen you are a professional resume writer, showing up for your clients successfully comes down to being able to get to the heart of their data in order to position them to successfully land interviews. But it can be challenging to extract the information you need from questionnaires, interviews, or even both. That’s why I’m excited that TORI resume writing award winner, Rachel Raymond, has created this video lesson that lays out a successful information intake process.

    You really can have a system that ensures you get the right data, stories, metrics, and keywords that make your clients see their experience on their resume as ‘suitable for framing’. It’s all outlined in this video lesson:

    How Your Client Intake Process Can Elevate Your Client Experience & Resume Writing.

    In this 60-minute program, Rachel promises to cover:

    • How my intake process has allowed me to be successful as an executive resume writer.
    • Review of strategic two-step intake process.
    • Understanding of my resume writing mentality, and how to make it work for you.
    • How to translate pages of notes into a cohesive document.

    While I was listening to Rachel I found these key takeaway topics you’ll want to learn about: 

    • Identifying what your job is an executive resume writer (and how this process can be used for all levels and types of resume clients).
    • Getting the information you need up front to minimize rewriting.
    • Digging out the unique client story.
    • Leveraging the deep dive call to move from tactical to strategic content.
    • Justifying your process and price as your clients’ ghostwriter.
    • Facilitating client connection from the very first contact.
    • Understanding the project lifecycle from start to finish.
    • Using the questionnaire to both look to the future and learn from the past.
    • Utilizing questions to build the LinkedIn story.
    • Being successful without having to be an expert in your clients’ fields.
    • Putting clients at ease – their job and your job.
    • Questioning to create the foundation of the resume summary section.
    • Queries to ask for job seekers in a career change.
    • Translating 10-15 pages of notes into a concise resume.

    Rachel (Vander Pol) Raymond Headshot

    About Rachel:

    Rachel is a Certified Executive Resume Master, Certified Career Storyteller, and 4x TORI award-winning resume writer.

    Specializing in crafting career documents for executive clients across diverse industries, her clients’ career marketing materials not only demonstrate what they’ve done in the past but also tell what they’re capable of in the future.

    Rachel combines 15+ years in marketing, communications, and graphic design with an eye for detail and precision.

    She is an active member of the Education Committee for Career Directors International and one of her resumes was published in the 8th edition of Resumes for Dummies.

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