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    Educate Clients on Resume Tailoring + Client Template (Best Practice Tip)

    Resume targeting and customization is what it’s all about!

    We’re so excited to share with you this excellent educational resource and done-for-you client handout you can share directly with your clients on resume targeting. (We’ve even left spots for you to brand it with your own logo and contact information). 

    As resume writers and career professionals, we know that hiring authorities do not pore over each resume hunting for a great fit.

    In fact, a resume may never be seen by human eyes if it does not comply with the criteria set forth in the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). Likewise—even if it passes the ATS screening—a hiring manager may not select the candidate for interview if it does not specifically address the needs of the company and department.

    That said, our clients may not understand how to tailor their new resumes to specific job positions. Even if they understand what to do, they may be intimidated to edit the resumes we have created for them. Rather than lecturing our clients on why tailoring the resume is important and hoping for the best, this tip sheet contains a done-for-you page that shares with your clients the best practices from career professionals on how to best customize their resumes.

    By educating our job-hunting clients, we can set them up for success in landing the interviews they seek.

    In this tip sheet and corresponding done-for-you handout, you will learn: 

    • Overview of best techniques for tailoring a resume to specific positions.
    • Step-by-step done-for-you client handout that educates on job-specific tailoring of contact information, summary, skills list, experience and education sections.
    • Template in MS Word for branding and tweaking.

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