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    How to Gracefully Decline a Client + Scripts & Tips to Ideal Clients (Video Masterclass)

    How to Graciously Decline Clients Video MasterclassWouldn’t it be nice if when a prospective client raised red flags or just wasn’t a fit you had a graceful way to decline them?

    That’s what this video master class is all about:

    How to Gracefully Decline a Client and Take Steps to Attract Ideal Clients!

    We’ve tapped three savvy career industry entrepreneurs to share their expertise in this 1-hour Q&A webinar on declining clients gracefully:

    What this video lesson covers:

    • Reasons to turn down a client and warning signs to watch out for. (Starts 4 mins. 24 secs.)
    • How to turn down a referral. (Starts 10 mins. 19 secs.)
    • What to do if it’s a client to decline who you wouldn’t refer to your worst enemy. Includes sample wording. Plus, why to never give away your time for free! (Starts 17 mins. 8 secs.)
    • Tips to ensure you attract and choose clients who are on brand. (Starts 21 mins. 49 secs.)
    • Script wording to tactfully turn down a client, which includes wording for when: (Starts 36 mins. 48 secs)

    Referring to colleagues.

    Don’t feel comfortable referring a difficult client to a colleague/don’t have a referral source.

    Project feels outside of your scope.

    Personality mismatch/general bad feeling.

    Nightmare prospect.

    Last-ditch effort to deter.

    Client is not in your price range.

    + Quick tour of CDI job seeker resource page as a referral resource. (Starts 54 mins. 47 secs.)

    + Quick visit to CDI member resource page to show you where you can find done-for-you resources to brand for your business and give away or sell. (Starts 57 mins. 52 secs.)

    These resources will have you on your way to declining clients with grace and attracting ideal clients with ease! 

    Meet the presenters:

    Bridget Batson headshotBridget Batson – Houston Outplacement

    Bridget Batson, a Certified Executive/Master Resume Writer, is the owner of Houston Outplacement and prides herself on building honest and realistic business partnerships that maximize the value and ROI of her client’s investments with her.

    She works both during and after business hours to hold individual webinars with each of her clients and deep-dive their career history so that they have a metric-driven resume that empowers each one to not only secure offers but also positions them to negotiate higher salaries.

    She has won numerous global resume writer awards, has been featured on television and news stations, and remains one of the most in-demand resume writers in her market. She can be reached at bridgetbatson@nullhoustonoutplacement.com.

    Audrey PrenzelAudrey Prenzel – Audrey Prenzel Career Transition Services

    Since 2001, Audrey has captured the marketability of thousands of ambitious professionals. She earned the reputation as the go-to secret weapon for movers and shakers in military, police, fire, government, and diplomatic circles. Audrey wrote: “Military to Civvie Street. The Complete Job Transition Guide for those Leaving the RCAF, Army & RCN”.

    Audrey is a Certified Advanced Résumé Writer and Canada’s first Certified Employment Interview Consultant. A staunch supporter of countless CDI initiatives since day one, she currently sits on the Board of Directors. CDI members worldwide know her as a peer mentor for many years and as the emcee for CDI career summits.

    Now essentially (99%) retired, she has had her fair share of keynotes and media exposure over the past 2 decades.

    Audrey’s business skill-set is complemented by Degrees from University of Waterloo and York University.

    Laura Hartnell headshotLaura Hartnell – Career Transition Services

    As a Certified Advanced Resume Writer and TORI award winner, Laura uncovers the right information from her clients and homes in on their unique selling proposition, developing rich self- marketing documents to secure their ideal jobs within healthcare, social service, and STEM fields.

    She offers strategic résumé, CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, personal statement, and biography composition. She also delivers job search, interview, and salary negotiation training. With a keen attention to detail and a warm conversational style, Laura takes nothing for granted. She invests the time to get to know her clients, understand their value, and convey their worth in the job market.

    With a collaborative process that pinpoints achievements, validates experiences, and boosts confidence, Laura’s clients become top contenders for their target roles.

    Download the handouts on declining clients:

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