TORI Resume Writing Strategies: Kim Robb Baker on Story Telling & Branding

Welcome to the fourth installment of Resume Writing Tips from the TORI-Winning Pros!

Don’t forget that the TORI awards are now open and this is your chance to make your mark and grow your business!

In this presentation our expert guest is Kimberly Robb Baker of This Little Brand – 12 TORI wins/27 TORI nominations (2012-2017)

About Kim: Kimberly Robb Baker has storytelling woven into her DNA. The daughter of an actress and poet, she came to resume writing 12 years ago from a career as a top-performing sales and marketing pro. She has a thriving practice telling business stories for personal brands—from job seekers to entrepreneurs. Kimberly holds multiple certifications and is the creator of the Certified Career Storyteller designation. Her work has been featured in print and on multiple media outlets, and she’s been honored with 27 TORI nominations.

In this 39 minute webinar video, Kim will share a new perspective on client branding that addresses market needs in surprising ways. You’ll learn the three questions she uses to “strike gold” with client intakes and see some examples of how the answers can be woven into client deliverables. The result? Your clients can be seen as one-of-a-kind contributors whose value with a right-fit organization rises above all competitors. Get ready to learn from Kim how to identify your clients’ Recessive Superhero Gene!  

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