Resume Writing Power Q&A 2016 (Audio Master Class)

Wow, this was a great call and now available in audio for you to enjoy!

The call was led by award-winning resume writer, CDI President and author of Resumes for Dummies, 7th ed., Laura DeCarlo. It was completely member-driven and covered a variety of high-value topics including:

  • The three audiences every resume must speak to in order to win interviews.
  • Top strategies that endure in resumes to make them successful.
  • Ways to use hooks and bottom-line driven branding to catch the eye of employers.
  • How to convert free advice you give away in your resume services into value and profit for your packages.
  • Information on making resume scannable and ATS-friendly.
  • What to do when your client’s aunt’s, sister’s, mother’s, brother works in HR and doesn’t like the resume you wrote (and a form to assert your authority).
  • Resources in CDI for getting expert advice and feedback.
  • What programs you need (and don’t need) to create visual resumes, plus the CDI member resources available to help you get creative.
  • CDI resources for making your LinkedIn profiles effective and strategic.

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