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    Boost Your Resume Writing Business with a TORI Award (Video Lesson + Q&A)

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    TORI Q&A Video Lesson

    The TORIs are recognized as the #1 lowest cost and most effective way to grow your resume writing business almost overnight. But still, every year many resume writers come up with reasons not to enter even one category.

    That’s right — despite having 50 chances for nomination (something that DOUBLED a nominee’s business) – only about 43-56 resume writers even enter!

    It’s time to make this YOUR year for your resume business with the TORI awards!

    Just imagine what could change for YOU a year from now if you were nominated or won!

    Before you jump into the main Q&A video below, here’s a quick video with four new winner and nominee stories from Bridget Batson, Gayle Howard, Melissa Kelley and Deborah Schuster.

    The full interactive event recording below covers:

    • Surprising details around the massive boost a TORI nomination or win can be for your business, credibility and revenue.
    • Answers to your questions and other commonly asked ones around the TORI awards.
    • What to do and what NOT to do to increase your chances of a business-boosting nomination or win.
    • Tips to make your resume writing stronger.
    • More winner testimonials.

    We’ve included jump links so you can get right to the topics that interest you!

    Watch the TORI Award Business-Boosting Lesson + Q&A now

    – TORI History & My Story
    – 4 Testimonials
    – What Awards Mean to Job Seekers
    – How You Win Just by Entering Pt 1
    – Testimonial
    – How You Win Just by Entering Pt 2
    – Thought Exercise Breakout
    – Testimonial & Proofreading Tip
    – Tips for TORI Entry & Prep
    – Debunking TORI Myths Q&A
    – TORI Info & Resume Resources
    – Classic Design Category Rules
    – Why You are a Career Superhero

    Ready to take this step? TORI Award resources

    TORI Award & Resume Writing Lessons >> (All video tips and TORI Q&As are free for non-members)

    TORI Registration & Information Page >>

    TORI Winning Resumes Page >>

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