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Laura DeCarlo is a leading authority on trends, strategies and training in:


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Laura is available for keynotes, breakout sessions, onsite training, 1-1 and group consulting, and media interviews.

For more information on booking or working with Laura, please email info@nullcareerdirectors.com.

Books Authored by Laura DeCarlo

Books by Laura DeCarlo

Laura’s Expanded Media Bio

Laura DeCarlo began her journey as a visionary coach at age thirteen. From there she has been re-envisioning what is possible for job seekers, entrepreneurs, resume writers, and career center staff. Whether it’s taking a struggling solo practice to the seven-figure mark, certifying career center staff in resume writing, or empowering job seekers to land their dream job in under 90 days, she has collected thousands of success stories from clients in over thirty countries.

Laura is the author of Resumes for Dummies  and Interviewing: The Gold Standard. She has won numerous resume writing and job placement awards. She holds five business and marketing coach certifications; fifteen resume writing and career coaching certifications; and is a member of the invitation-only Forbes Coaches Council.

As Seen & Heard On 25+ Major Media Outlets Including:

Forbes, Vogue, Kiplinger, Working Mother, Monster.com, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal and more.
Forbes, Vogue, Kiplinger, Working Mother, Monster.com, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal and more.

Video from Entrepreneurial Success Secrets Live Conference

Laura creates events that engage, entertain, educate, and change lives.

"Today I met a fantastic, inspirational, empowering presenter by the name of Laura DeCarlo. She is a FOUNTAIN of knowledge!"

Laura Tucek

"Absolutely one of the best presentations I have ever seen. I’ve been a career coach for over 15 years, however I thoroughly enjoyed what you presented because of its depth. Your materials were well-thought out and not just routine boring stuff. Without a doubt your training will have an immediate and positive affect on what I do."

Marta Driesslein

Laura’s events offer MORE for attendees:

More Results, More Success, More Skills, More Fun, and More Possibilities!


"Every second rocked."

Martin Buckland
Elite Resumes

"It DID rock! It WAS Inspiring. It DID connect us. Jam-, jam-, jam-packed with extreme content."

Deb Dib
Executive Power Brand
female silhouette

"Laura designed all our training materials for Career Planning and not only do our students rave about the program, but they consistently get the job!"

Darlene Wohl
Herzing University
female silhouette

"Chock-full of tips and tools I could apply immediately."

Damali Curry-Edwards
Conscious Recruiting, Inc.

"I inhaled a year’s worth of ideas."

Donald Burns
Donald Burns' Career Defense

Laura’s Most Popular Presentations, Topics, and Deep-Dive Trainings

Job Seekers, Resume Writers & Other Career Practitioners:

  • How to Rise in the Workplace During Unpredictable Times
  • Resume Writing* (numerous niche specialties – college students, military transition, executive, return to work, career change)
  • LinkedIn Profile Development*
  • LinkedIn for Networking and Job Search*
  • Job Search / Navigating the Hidden Job Market*
  • Career Planning and Career Management
  • Job Interviewing and Salary Negotiation*
  • Personal Branding

*Certification options available for available for groups.


  • Starting a Home-Based Business
  • Growing a Home-Based Business
  • 6- to 7-Figures for Resume Writers & Career Coaches
  • Making Money While You Sleep
  • Packaging Services for Success

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Video Samples from Laura's Free Master’s Video Course for Resume Writers & Career Coaches Who Want to Close 4-Figure Sale

Marlene Cole

"I got so much more than I ever expected."

Marlene Cole
New Generation Careers
(photo) Barb Poole

"You have a gift for connecting, bonding, and inspiring. This was an invigorating and connective good time! I have so many notes and thoughts to enhance my practice!"

Barb Poole
Hire Imaging, LLC

"What an awesome way to spend 3 days - learning new things, turning around old beliefs, and gaining the courage and confidence to implement new ideas."

Nelly Grinfeld
Top of the Stack Resume
female silhouette

"I loved that you try to find new and innovative ways to give us advantages in the workplace! Your interview program rates a 10 out of 10!"

Marjorie Xenias
Marian Bernard

"A mind-blowing experience."

Marian Bernard
The Regency Group

Contact Laura to:

  • Train and empower your members, team, employees, or departing staff/job seekers.
  • Get soundbytes, quotes, and training for print media, on air, and audio events.
  • Make your next event high-energy, memorable, and rewarding.
  • Hire Laura for 1-1 coaching and consulting for business, entrepreneurial, or personal success.

For more information on booking or working with Laura, please email info@nullcareerdirectors.com.


"What an amazing, powerful, and life changing event!!! I have so many takeaways and plans for my business and my life that I feel like I just received a blood transfusion from a superhero."

Posey Salem
Radiant Resume Career Services
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