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    How to Design ATS-Friendly Graphic Resumes (Video Master Class)

    Surviving ATS applicant tracking systems with graphic and creative resumes Wouldn’t you like to be able to create graphically-enhanced professional resumes without worrying about ATS? Now you can!

    Here at CDI we are so excited that Marie Plett has extended this critically important presentation, which has been called “super informative,” “mind blowing,” and “practice transforming” by past learners, into a 94 minute video webinar lesson on how resume writers can design ATS-friendly graphic resumes.

    Marie shows us how there is no excuse for creating plain, black and white resumes that blend into employers’ piles with the rest of the zebras!

    Just as importantly, at the start of her presentation, she will allay any fears you might have about using color and style by sharing results of her recent recruiter survey.

    By the end of this incredibly informative presentation, you will know how to design a singular graphic PDF file that:

    • Provides the same universal presentation design on all platforms.
    • Works even better than a plain text file for ATS.
    • Populates application boxes neatly and correctly.

    Marie will cover comprehensive information on how modern ATS translates resume elements, and show you simple ideas and quick ATS-friendly designs that can visually transform any resume in mere minutes.

    Your key takeaways include understanding of:

    • How recruiters view your resume (or resumes in general).
    • How recruiters feel about graphic resumes versus plain black and white ones.
    • How resumes are parsed through the two most popular ATS in the United States.
    • How you can ATS test your resume presentation (without buying ATS).
    • What ATS accepts, rejects, and jumbles up.
    • How even your cleanest plain text (ASCII) resumes can have ATS formatting problems.
    • How various symbols are changed and translated in ATS.
    • How dates, section headers, and bullet list titles can confuse ATS.
    • How to make the online application process as painless as possible for your clients.
    • Basic MS Word design techniques.
    • Machiavellian strategies for getting all necessary data through the systems while hiding elements from ATS that you only want human readers to view.

    About Marie Plett

    Marie Plett is a Certified Graphic Resume Architect and Certified Executive Resume Master who started her professional career developing graphics and apparel for some of the world’s most popular fashion brands until she followed her true calling to become a resume writer and founded AspirationsResume.com in 2004.

    Marie now uses her considerable graphic design skills to create exceptional resumes that have won 5 ROAR Awards and 21 TORI Awards since 2016, which includes 10 First Place TORIs.

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