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    3 thoughts on “Award-Winning Writers Share Value of Creative Resumes (Video Tip)”

    1. Alec Rodrigues

      Hey Laura and Marie,

      I got the impression from this video that you can have the best of both worlds, beating ATS while using creativity and color on resumes. I’m wondering which formatting choices will or won’t hinder an ATS. For example, do tables always get simply disregarded without messing up an ATS or are there certain techniques that are necessary to avoid instant disqualification? Same for pictures, icons, shapes, etc. Is the best move still to include an ASCII file anyway?

      Thanks for considering my question. I’m extremely curious about this topic.

    2. Hi Alec! Just to be on the safe side, it’s best to not put content in charts, tables, or boxes that you need to be read for ATS. So, text boxes work great for things like testimonials from former bosses. Graphs and charts grab the eye but if it’s part of a story that needs telling for ATS, be sure to write it out as well. Yes, they and other graphics/images will just be invisible otherwise. If you feel it is necessary to have design that impacts core ATS content readability, then I am still a fan for having a plain white resume along with the fancy one. It does not have to be ugly ASCII to work. It can be an attractive MS Word-design! But these days, you can usually attain a happy-medium.

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