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    Step-by-Step Video Tutorial: Create Amazing Graphs & Charts for Resume Writing in MS Word

    Step-by-Step Video Tutorial - Create Amazing Charts and Graphs in MS Word with Marie PlettNothing makes a job seeker’s accomplishments stand out more than an impactful chart or graph on their resume.

    But using Microsoft Word to create them is frustrating enough to make you want to avoid them!

    Marie Plett is changing that dynamic for you in this step-by-step video tutorial on creating amazing graphs and charts in MS Word.

    Plus, this is just in time for those of you planning to enter the TORI awards! (Open to registration through 7/15!)

    Through this deep-dive presentation, Marie will share all of her best tips and tricks for creating unique and stunning graphs and charts.

    In fact, it’s paced so you can follow right along and create the same charts and graphs in MS Word at the same time!

    In this 90-minute tutorial, you’ll learn how to:

    • Expertly design charts of every kind.
    • Easily work around MS Word’s charting issues.
    • Include unique design elements that spice up or personalize the presentation.

    + View numerous examples of column charts, bar charts, pie charts, donut charts, and combination charts.

    Marie PlettAbout Marie Plett

    Marie is a Certified Graphic Resume Architect and Certified Executive Resume Master who started her professional career developing graphics and apparel for some of the world’s most popular fashion brands until she followed her true calling to become a resume writer and founded AspirationsResume.com in 2004.

    Marie now uses her considerable graphic design skills to create exceptional resumes that have won 34 TORI Awards (13 First Place) and 8 ROAR awards.

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