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    Graphic Resume Design and ATS with Marie Plett (Video)

    Graphic Resume Design Meets ATS VideoDo you wish you could kick up your resumes with some graphic sass but don’t know quite how to start? Are you also worried that more visually distinctive elements will hurt your resumes with ATS? In this recording of a live Q&A session, Marie Plett offers you solutions, strategies, and ideas for harmonizing beautiful resume design with ATS friendliness.

    It’s a perfect world! Marie lived up to her promise to, “Share her screen and all her secrets” in this 105-minute Zoom event on graphic resume design meets ATS.

    About Marie

    Marie PlettMarie Plett is a Certified Graphic Resume Architect and Certified Executive Resume Master who started her professional career developing graphics and apparel for some of the world’s most popular fashion brands until she followed her true calling to become a resume writer and founded AspirationsResume.com in 2004.

    Marie now uses her considerable graphic design skills to create exceptional resumes that have won 5 ROAR Awards and 21 TORI Awards since 2016, which includes 10 First Place TORIs.

    Event Process

    1. Answer attendee questions in detail.
    2. Live, supportive demos of strategies in MS Word, ATS software programs, and online searches.
    3. Samples and examples from Marie’s TORI-entry resumes and her library.

    Event Topics

    • Deal with long and/or segmented job titles while honoring ATS and not losing the career story.
    • Handle addresses on the resume – full or city/state and zip only.
    • How to get design inspiration and graphic strategies for a variety of professions. Professions specifically touched on – healthcare, human resources, patient experience professional.
    • Use of 2-column Canva-style resume formats and best practices for ATS compatibility.
    • Tables in the resume and ATS.
    • Problem with overlaying designed text as an image with plain text behind it.
    • How to make the background of an image transparent.
    • Where to find banner ideas.
    • Emojis and ATS compliance.
    • Inserting vectors into Word documents.
    • What ATS programs you can put a resume into (for free) to test it.
    • If there are ATS programs that will toss out a resume if it has images, vector headers, or inserted icons.
    • Keywords in Word via metadata in properties.
    • How to design line charts in Word.
    • Page borders and ATS.
    • How to find new trends in images, page layouts, and designs online.
    • Less aggressive, minor tweaks you can do to resume design to help win over reticent clients, or professors teaching resume writing, to more creative resume writing. This is about getting their (and even your) feet wet.
    • And more….

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