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    Mega-Training: Up Your Resume Writing & Design – Advice From TORI Entries (Video)

    This is a whopper of a video training with 2 hours and 40 minutes committed to deep diving into 16 TORI entries — 12 that won and 4 that didn’t – with a goal to help professional resume writers see what works, see what could improve, and learn just how to accomplish those changes.

    Attendees ranked the session 10/10 in the survey, 100% said they learned how to make their resumes better, and one wrote, it was ‘so good they would have paid extra for it’.

    Let’s face it, your resumes may already be landing interviews for your clients, but you want to make sure theirs is consistently the best one in the applicant file.

    Better yet, that same skill upgrade often means your work is a natural for a TORI resume writing award nomination.

    I’ve learned through my 1-1 and group TORI Master Mentor Program is that if you’re not getting nominated or winning, you often can’t identify what you could be doing differently.

    It’s important to know that this is RARELY a fancy graphic design issue, especially with the classic design categories.

    It’s almost always more subtle issues with writing, information gathering/inclusion, and standard design that my clients are always shocked no one taught them or they never picked up on when comparing their work to that of winners.

    Until now this kind of feedback has been impossible to duplicate for a member-included webinar because someone would need to be willing to share their TORI entries!

    We’ve now secured a few 2023 submissions, that weren’t nominated, which Laura will be sharing anonymously during this session to:

    • Compare with winning resumes.
    • Point out missed opportunities (even with the winners).
    • Provide strategy around client information gathering, writing, and design.
    • This powerful combo leads to ah-ha moments and skills that don’t just lead to TORI nominations and wins but delight employers and are shown to make them hungry to ‘read every word’ in a resume.

    While a TORI nomination/win is the lowest cost/highest ROI way to grow a resume writing business, it’s important to remember…

    Your clients are going to be out there competing against job seekers who worked with TORI nominees/winners so your work needs to stand up to that level as well.

    When it does, you’ll have raving fans, better testimonials, TORI wins, and positioning to raise your rates.

    Let’s dig in!

    The resume categories we’ll review for winners and non-winners are all high-design:

    • Executive
    • Healthcare/Medical
    • Difficult Transition
    • New Graduate

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    June Weekly Resume Writing Live Events

    June Weekly Live Events: Award-Winning Resume Writing Strategy & Competition ROI from TORI Winners (3 Winners Each Week) – Wed, 6/05, 6/12, 6/19, 6/26 – 3:45-5:00 PM Eastern Livestream Show – Join us on CDI’s LinkedIn page, Facebook page, or YouTube channel

    • June 5th Guests: Marie Plett, Deborah L. Schuster, Pam Foster
    • June 12th Guests: Tiffany Hardy, Amy Watt, Renzo Luis Maúrtua Neumann
    • June 19th Guests: Barbara Safani, Yuvika Iyer, Arno Markus
    • June 26th Guests: Bridget Batson, Catharine Craig, Paula Christensen

    Each week I’ll be joined by three different TORI award-winning resume writers who will share their resume writing and TORI tips.

    They’ll each be providing advice around the following questions:

    1. How many years have you been entering and how many/what categories have you won? (Ex., Classic Executive, High Design Sales). Not looking for whether it was 1st place or 3rd.
    2. Did you enter any years before you started getting nominated/winning? Any lesson there as to why you kept entering and what you did differently?
    3. What software do you use to prepare your resumes?
    4. What’s the least/most categories you have entered each year?
    5. Why have the TORIs been important to you and what have they helped you to accomplish?
    6. What’s one strategy would you recommend to a writer who wanted to improve their writing or design?
    7. What’s one other tip would you give to a resume writer around entering or winning/getting nominated?
    8. Any other resume writing advice?

    Be sure to mark your calendars and tune in next Wed at 3:45 PM Eastern.

    We’ve streaming on CDI’s LinkedIn pageYouTube channel, and in our Facebook group every Wednesday at 3:45 PM Eastern. And, don’t forget to like, follow, and subscribe so you stay in the know!

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