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    Best Practices Tip Sheets

    For Resume Writers and Career Coaches

    Best Practices for Resume Writers, Career Coaches & Career Entrepreneurs

    Handy Downloadable Documents for Resume Writing, Practice Management, Job Search Strategy, and more!

    Information is great -- articles, newsletters, audio recordings, webinars... but what about when you just want some tips on the best way to handle something, and you want them quick??

    That's why CDI provides members with Best Practice Tip Sheets!

    What they do:

    Provide critical, detailed answers and best practices for handling your most challenging questions in client relations, resume writing, practice management, career coaching, and much more. Some tip sheets are even written directly to the job seeker so that you can share them as-is with your clients. 

    Tip sheet topics:

    CDI adds approximately 5-10 new tip sheets a year to the member's section of resources. Here is the current list of best practice tip sheets that members have access to, with more always on the way.

    This is only one of many benefits of being a member.

    Stop getting confused, sidetracked, and misled from outdated advice or strategies from so-called experts who can't back up the talk with results.


    Interviewing, Job Search & Career Coaching

    Resumes, Documents & Social Profiles


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