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    Salary Negotiation for Job Seekers (Best Practice Tips)

    CDI-Job-Interview-Tip-SheetAs career professionals, we know that job seekers, even at the executive level, find the process of negotiating salary daunting. This tip sheet will help your clients understand the basics of salary negotiation, what can and cannot be discussed concerning this topic and when to do that, how to create a salary-negotiation ready mindset, and more.

    This nine (9) page tip sheet is written directly to the job seeker so that you can share it directly with your clients or learn the strategies yourself to impart in your career consulting.

    In this tip sheet you will uncover juicy resources for your clients which include:

    • Salary negotiation basics
    • When and when not to negotiate.
    • What can and what cannot be negotiated.
    • Correct mindset for offer consideration.
    • Resources for comparative research.
    • Evaluation of salary and benefit goals.
    • Best timing for negotiation process.
    • Recruiters and the sticky business of employer salary discussion.
    • Sample negotiation scripts.
    • Job offer evaluations and offers.
    • Ways to come from a position of power in the negotiation process.
    • When to use professional advisory services.
    • Competing offers.
    • Employment contracts.
    • Offer turn down.

    This comprehensive tip sheet provides everything you and your clients need for their salary negotiation and offer acceptance success.

    Much of this tip sheet content was taken from CDI’s Certified Employment Interview Consultant course.

    The following CDI members each contributed to the original tip sheet as well:

    • Lotte Struwing – Lasting Solutions HR Consulting & Coaching
    • Maureen Farmer – Westgate Executive Branding & Career Consulting
    • Kate Rodrigue
    • Jeri Hird Dutcher – Workwrite
    • Paul Raworth Bennett – NOVA Career Strategies
    • Tracey Zylbersztajn – First Seven Seconds
    • Lorraine Beaman – LB Career Consulting
    • Lori A. Jazvac – Creative Horizons Communications – Resumes
    • Erin Coursey
    • Marilyn L. Feldstein – Career Choices Unlimited, Inc.
    • Laura Labovich – The Career Strategy Group
    • Posey Salem – Radiant Resume Career Services

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