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    Increase Your Business with Professional Referrals (Tip Sheet)

    Business ReferralProfessional referrals can be a fantastic way to expand your business pipeline and grow your business with ease. But far too often one of the following can happen:

    • You received a referral from a colleague but never heard from the prospective client.
    • You received a referral from another professional who turned out not to need anything you offer.
    • You provided a referral to another professional only to have the client return disappointed and angry.
    • You simply didn’t get around to building a referral network and are still missing out on these opportunities.

    This tip sheet is packed with 10 pages of stellar advice, strategies, and scripts for creating an effective professional referral network for your business.

    Information on this tip sheet has been sourced not only from CDI members but also from other third party resources to ensure you have the total package of next steps for success. Topics covered include:

    • Understanding referral types and the most effective ones for you
    • Choosing your referral partners
    • Finding professional referral sources
    • Making contact with prospective referral partners
    • Preparing for introductory and follow up calls
    • Building the referral relationship
    • Creating and setting up incentives
    • Understanding referral rewards and payment schedules
    • Deciding when and how to refer
    • Writing persuasive emails with 4 done-for-you templates/scripts!

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