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    Build Authority & Get Traffic with Blogging for Your Career Business

    Blogging best practice tips for resume writers and career coachesBlogging is something every resume writer and career coach should be doing to demonstrate expertise and build authority, trust, and interest in their services.

    So isn’t it time you got that motor revving?

    But what do you write about?

    How often should you publish a post?

    What length should your posts reach?

    What about getting SEO from your posts to improve ranking?

    Should you guest post?

    Whew! It’s enough to make anyone sweat from stress and overwhelm!

    Have no fear!

    CDI has polled your colleagues and the individuals who consider themselves effective bloggers within the industry.

    Thanks to them we now have this nifty 4-page tips sheet on blogging for your resume writing and/or career coaching business.

    Topics include:

    • Finding blogs for guest posting.
    • Contacting blog sites about guest posting opportunities.
    • Handling requests to guest blog on your site.
    • Utilizing writing best practices.
    • Finding relevant blog topics to write about.
    • Promoting your blog including automatic posting tools and cross-promoting on social sites (articles vs. posts on LinkedIn).
    • Utilizing SEO tools and strategy.
    • Understanding images and tags.
    • Checking backlinks.
    • Targeting most effective lengths.

    Special thanks to contributors:

    Wendi Weiner, The Writing Guru, LLC

    Jeri Hird Dutcher, Workwrite

    Mandy Fard, Market-Connections Professional Resume Writing Services

    Lori A. Jazvac, Creative Horizons Communications – Resumes

    Rachel Raymond, RVP Writing and Design, LLC

    Laura Hartnell, Laura Hartnell Career Transition Services

    Rebecca Henninger, The Job Girl

    Laura DeCarlo, CDI

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