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    Your Career Business Website: Getting Started (Best Practice Tip)

    You have likely already discovered the well known quote, “…if you build it, they will come” from the movie, Field of Dreams does not necessarily apply to building a website or a business. It takes much more than just building the website to get people to visit, inquire about your services, and continue to visit the site. However, if you don’t build it, they cannot visit a website that doesn’t exist.

    We tell our clients their resume represents them to potential employers who make a 7-second decision whether to delete them or to learn more about them in a job interview. The same concept applies to our websites and LinkedIn profiles. Visitors and potential clients will make a quick decision whether to look around your website, contact you, or move on to a competitor.

    In this tip sheet you will learn from colleagues about the following:

    • What makes a good website;
    • Importance of a website;
    • Website image and brand;
    • Things to consider before building a website;
    • Types of websites available
    • Website options – free, low-cost, and state-of-the-art
    • Best website platforms
    • WordPress.com or WordPress.org
    • Spam catchers
    • Domain names
    • Website hosts
    • Essential pages of a website
    • Building yourself vs. using a developer
    • How to select a website developer / designer
    • Suggestions for website developers and designers
    • Associated costs
    • Ongoing maintenance

    This comprehensive nine page tip sheet will get you on your way in building or revamping your website.

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