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    Leveraging Job Boards for Job Search and Resume Writing + Client Tip Sheet

    Let’s talk about job boards!
    using job boards to find jobs online

    Job boards are likely something you don’t like to think about.

    But as resume writers, career coaches, and other types of career service providers, our clients come to us seeking information on how to secure their next job. Thus, job boards probably come up more than you would like in your client engagements.

    There’s no argument that searching for a job has changed tremendously over the past years. It’s still an ever-changing environment and often leaving our clients scratching their heads in confusion about the best way to go about their job search.

    The typical approach for clients, left to their own devices, is to hit the Internet, find job postings online, click the “Apply Now” button, and wait for the phone to ring. As resume writers and career coaches, we may balk at this approach – but should we?

    Some career professionals are seeing clients have big results when they use board jobs the right way, so we knew it was time to re-explore this heated topic. Others still avoid it like the plague. In fact, here are some different takes on it from CDI members:

    Love Them or Hate Them?

    Before we jump into how to best utilize job boards for job search and/or job research strategy, let’s see what our experts have to say about these online tools. While some of our members “hate” job boards, many can see the value in them; if not for conducting a job search, then for researching and creating resume strategy for their clients.

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