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    Writing the Professional Biography (Best Practice Tip)

    This tip sheet has been created to help you to get started at creating and including professional bio writing in your services and packages.

    So what makes a hiring manager, a recruiter, or a networking contact want to read a professional biography?

    Good writing!

    But beyond that, there are important aspects to ponder before you put pen to paper to draft your client’s bio. In this tip sheet we share some great tips on writing professional biographies that were gleaned from our member survey.

    These include:

    • Definition of a biography.
    • Who needs a biography, and for what purpose(s).
    • Value of selling biographies to clients and whether it is likely used as a stand-alone project or as an add-on to a resume package.
    • Guidelines and structure for biographies.
    • Whether to include graphics, photos, text boxes, logos, charts, graphs, and etc.
    • Typical lengths for biographies.
    • Sample biographies which demonstrate the strategies in the tip sheet.

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