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    LinkedIn: Profiles, What’s New, Usage Tips (Best Practice Tips)

    Replacement tip sheets currently in progress.

    LinkedIn changes so fast that the CDI Education committee felt it was time to bring you the new and the next by updating our Profile Writing tip sheet. In the process, they identified a few new opportunities and have provided you with this power-packed trifecta of juicy tip sheets, which include tips, tricks, hacks, and tools for:

    • Creating LinkedIn Profiles (7 pages).

    • Bonus Tip Sheet: What’s New with LinkedIn? (4 pages).

    • Bonus Tip Sheet: Using LinkedIn (2 pages).

    Creating LinkedIn Profiles provides top tips and strategies for creating attention-getting LinkedIn profiles with information on: 

    What you need to do before you write (resumes vs profiles, security and privacy).

    What you need to know as you write (language style, SEO, company confidentiality, character counts, icon use, transitions, LinkedIn all-star status, head shot profile photos, headline strategies and examples, 3-part summary approach, hidden contact information, importance of suggested skills, endorsements, professional experience plus common/uncommon job titles, industry targeting, keywords, attached documents, and profile section order).

    What you need to do after the profile is complete (data downloads, profile settings, and tips to give clients).

    What’s New with LinkedIn? covers new additions to LinkedIn, such as identifying tools including:

    • Resume Assistant
    • Profinder
    • Open Candidates
    • Hashtags in articles.
    • Suggested LinkedIn resources.

    Using LinkedIn walks you through the value this social network offers to you and your clients as networking, marketing, and job development tool, with information on: 

    • Connections and Engagement
    • Groups
    • Recommendations
    • Applications.

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