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    How to Create, Sell and Use the One-Page Networking Resume (Best Practice Tips + Samples)

    One Page Networking Resumes Tip Sheet

    Imagine if, as a resume writer, you could greatly increase the success of your job-seeking clients in networking and landing interviews while also adding a new revenue stream to your business. When CDI’s Education Committee reached out to our global membership, they quickly realized that this is possible with a one-page networking resume or mini networking card.

    How the One-Page Networking Resume Can Become a Staple in Your Packages

    Combined in this tip sheet you’ll find the expert advice of 15 professional resume writers and career coaches on everything you need to know to begin offering one-page networking resumes and/or mini networking cards to your clients. This tip sheet covers:

    • Definition of a networking resume.
    • How a networking resume differs from a bio.
    • Four different ways job seekers can use the networking resume + sample initial script example for connecting to someone on LinkedIn.
    • Sections to include in the networking resume, with details and suggestions.
    • Details on format and style for the networking resume with emphasis on job targets, industry, and design elements.
    • Information on networking cards (net cards, data cards), what they are, what they include, and how they have produced 100% success for job seekers using them.
    • When and how to sell the networking resume as well as what to charge for it, and how to incorporate it with packages to make it a sure thing.
    • Samples of one-page networking resumes and networking cards.

    Special Thanks to Our Contributors

    Content Contributors:

    Special thanks to the following members who shared their expertise to make this tip sheet possible.

    Maureen McCann, Promotion Career Solutions; Amrita Kolay, AmritaKolay.com; Wendi Weiner, Esq., The Writing Guru®; Arleen Abrams Lieberman; Skye Berry, Skye Is The Limit Resume & Career Solutions; Maryann Riggs; Denese Dominguez, Career Marketers, LLC; Lisa Parker, Professional Resume Presentations; Lori A. Jazvac, Creative Horizons Communications; Sharon Williams, Job Rockit; Laura Smith-Proulx, An Expert Resume; Joanne Meehl, Joanne Meehl Career Services; Marie Plett, Aspirations Career Services; Mary Elizabeth Bradford, MaryElizabethBradford.com; and Laura DeCarlo/CDI’s CEIC program.

    Curators & Editors:

    Special thanks to members of the education committee for their efforts in creating this tip sheet.

    Curated by Rachel Raymond, RVP Writing and Design, LLC

    Edited by Rebecca Henninger, The Job Girl/RH Resumes

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