Subcontracting from Both Sides of the Contract (Tip Sheet)

This tip sheet provides a unique perspective into the world of resume writing subcontracting from the viewpoint of both the subcontractor and the professional resume writing firm.

A resume writer who is new to the industry may consider subcontracting to jumpstart their business and may not know where to begin. Likewise, a resume writer whose company has grown may need help to keep abreast of client projects and may not know where or how to recruit a subcontractor.

CDI members offer their insights on these issues, and more, in this CDI Best Practices Tip Sheet.

In this 10-page resource you will learn all the best practice tips on:


  • Reasons for subcontracting.
  • Responsibilities of subcontractors.
  • Expectations of subcontractors.
  • Ethics of subcontractors.
  • Compensation.
  • Intellectual property ownership.
  • How to find subcontracting opportunities.
  • Advantages of subcontracting.
  • Disadvantages of subcontracting.


  • Reasons for hiring subcontractors.
  • Responsibilities of the company.
  • Expectations of the company.
  • Ethical requirements of the company.
  • Compensation
  • Intellectual property ownership.
  • How to find subcontractors.
  • Advantages of hiring subcontractors.
  • Disadvantages of hiring subcontractors.
  • Where to find samples subcontracting agreements and contracts in the CDI member’s section.

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