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    CDI Giving Monday - long

    We had so much fun in our Giving Thanks Monday bonus Fly Higher Tribe-style coaching event for CDI members and non-member Black Friday buyers.

    It put us so much in the giving mood, that we decided to make it available to EVERYONE!

    If you missed it, you can still get it on-demand below.

    We’ve just cut out the breakout sessions but you can pause and do the exercises on your own.

    These events happen a few times a year or monthly when you join the Fly Higher Tribe. (Only $25/mo for Cyber week!)

    For now you can follow along with the video below and access all the recommended deep-dive member resources.

    What we did: 

    1. Learned three powerful coaching questions you can use with your clients.
    2. Connected with our inner superpowers and set intentions on how to show up in them this week.
    3. Enjoyed small breakout sessions to get to connect with a fellow member.
    4. Invited all voices to participate in hot seat coaching (ask/give) on business topics of their choice.
    5. Strategized framework for a successful client consultation call.
    6. Discussed what is working in packaging services and why you need packages.
    7. Touched on when to take payment.
    8. Brainstormed strategies for website design and traffic building.
    9. Talked about how to stand out from the competition.

    Attendees rated the event:

    • Attendees gave the event a 9.4/10 overall rating in the survey.
    • Survey respondents agreed that 9.6/10 they would recommend the event to members. 
    • 100% of survey attendees (60% strongly agreed and 40% agreed) that they felt more connected to our member community than before the event.

    Attendees described the event as:

    Giving Monday Word Cloud

    Attendees liked most about the event: 

    • Helpful ideas and best practice sharing by industry peers.
    • RoundTable discussion after providing advice.
    • Others had good questions! Loved the “survey song!”
    • The opportunity to ask questions and get answers. 

    An action attendees would take as a result of the event: 

    • Act on the tips learnt in the session.
    • Be careful who I listen to; make up my own mind about the sales call process.
    • Look at creating a 3rd package (for my offerings).
    • Reach out to my local network (to grow my business).
    • Work on getting certified.

    Experience Giving Monday – Fly Higher Tribe-style Coaching Event

    Note about video: We have cut out breakout and survey sections to remove sections irrelevant to those watching the video.

    For actual Tribe events we also provide audio play links and MP3 downloads. 

    Recommended Resources

    Following monthly Tribe events we always provide supporting deep-dive resources in the member portal. Here are the resources for this event:

    Free video tips for everyone: 

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    Members only deep dive lessons: 

    Done-For-You Consultation Script & Sales Strategy for Resume Writing & Career Services >>

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    Get the Tribe Vibe and Thrive

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