Does Your Website Have a Sexy Initial Free Offer? (Core Lesson)

If you don’t know what an IFO is, this lesson is for you.

If you don’t currently have an IFO, this lesson is for you.

If you currently have an IFO and aren’t getting visitors eagerly giving you their email address to get it, this lesson is also for you.

You need a sexy IFO to grow your business with ease!

What is an IFO?

An IFO (not a UFO) is your Initial Free Offer.

If you’ve been visiting websites, then you’ve seen IFOs. This is where the website makes you a free offer. “In exchange for your email, I’ll give you this really great gift.”

If your offer was good enough, they will readily submit their email address to get it.

Depending on how you worded the offer, you should now have permission to send emails to this individual.

When you build this list, you take a critical step in creating a warm following of interested prospects who want to know what you have to say, and can be converted into future buyers.

A solid, sexy IFO is worth its weight in gold!

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