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    It’s Process Not Price that Closes Career Service Sales (Video Tip)

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    Resume writers and career coaches: Is this you?

    • When struggling to close sales or getting push back on your prices, you consider adding a lower-cost option or reduce your price?
    • Have a website with siloed content about your services, with a page for coaching/career services, one for resume writing, and possibly one or two more pages for other services?

    In this 4-minute video I talk about:

    • Why adding more service options can actually harm your ability to close sales.
    • Why siloed website content is limiting your sales by making your prospects believe all services are optional and not actually needed for their success.
    • How if you are getting pushback on resumes at $400 (and up), you simply need a process (and CDI has one free to members).
    • Why it’s critical toward your profitability and time schedule to have packages that blend your time-intensive one-to-one services with evergreen (already done) and/or or group options.

    The goal of this tip video is to help you get more strategic about presenting your offerings, understand there IS an existing done-for-you process that will let you close 4 to 5 figure sales, and close more packages at the higher rate you deserve.

    Watch the video now:

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