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    What to Do When Your Resume Prospect Can’t Commit (Video Tip)

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    Resume writers, you know what I am talking about, because it happens to all of us:

    You have a great consultation and pitch, and then your prospect has to think about it.

    They have to speak to their partner…

    They need to mull it over…

    For whatever reason, they are just not ready to say “Yes” to you today.

    Nobody loves this, and way too often we end up waiting and hoping, and struggling to get them back on the phone again.

    Luckily, there are actually some very easy strategies you can use to close the loop and more readily get to yes.

    In this 5-minute video I will talk about:

    • Setting boundaries, incentives, and expectations to move the needle.
    • Simple scripts for how to get them scheduled again before you even hang up.
    • How to get out of your own way and not stumble by over-talking.
    • Voice you should use to make the best impression.

    Watch the video now: 

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    1. Excellent tips; no doubt they work well. I’m thinking for some it’s just getting used to making these statements to get comfortable with saying them without feeling squeamish.

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