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    Easily Get Testimonials That Close Sales on Your Website (Video Tip)

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    Time Your Testimonials Correctly for Maximum ROIAre you innocently collecting and posting testimonials to your website that don’t sell for you?

    Done right, your client testimonials should get prospects excited and convinced to buy before they ever speak to you.

    Even better, you can train your clients to excitedly share with you their hard-hitting testimonials without any follow up on your part.

    That can make for quite a business-producing machine!

    However, most resume writers and career coaches never experience that powerful payoff because they collect testimonials at the wrong point in the life cycle and end up with mere fluff.

    The point of project completion is NOT the time to collect the testimonial! There are NO results gained at that point — just enthusiasm and excitement. While enthusiasm for what you do is great, it doesn’t provide proof and it doesn’t sell!

    In this 7-minute video I share with you the:

    • Disconnect in the testimonial process and how you are missing out on a key way to turn visitors into buyers. You will be surprised how often you start hearing in a consult when showing your testimonials, “That’s why I contacted you; I want results like this!”
    • Exact testimonial strategy that allows career professionals to pre-sell 4-5 figure sales to their website visitors.
    • Point in your services process to educate clients on the importance to them and you of their job search tracking and testimonial follow up so they’ll circle back with their specific win. (This only takes 2-3 minutes in your client closeout process!)
    • Content that belongs in your client testimonial tracking sheet (CDI members can download a free MS Word template) and how to customize the delivery to your business.
    • Elements that constitute a strong, selling testimonial.
    • Way to list testimonials on your website so they have the highest ROI and pop to prospects.
    • Strategy for client follow up on any fluffy testimonials you already have so you can them into a results-focused presentation.

    I personally have a brag book of over 300 metrics-driven testimonials and have seen so many resume writers and career coaches ease their selling process by using this approach. If you are a CDI member, I also show you how to leverage those hard-hitting testimonials in your consultation process to easily close 4-5 figure sales.

    Watch it now.

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