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    Social Marketing: Boost Your Visibility & Client Leads (Audio Master Class)

    Social media marketingToday, so much of our traffic as resume writers and career coaches are coming from our visibility and activity on social media aka ‘social marketing’.

    But there are SO MANY OPTIONS that you probably find yourself asking:

    • Where should I start?
    • What’s really working?
    • How much time should I be spending online?
    • I’m posting, so why isn’t it working?

    For the first program in this on-the-go- audio master class series, we reached out to Wendi Weiner, Esq. of The Writing Guru® to share her expertise.

    Session Content


    • Content creation on social media to build your followers and engagement.
    • How to use the different platforms while repurposing content.
    • How to leverage blog posts, articles, and other media to boost your social media visibility.
    • Tips to increase click-through rates that turn followers into warm leads.
    • Social media management tools to optimize your social media use.


    • Why we need social media: people buy from those they know, like, and trust.
    • Social media is free advertising, and you don’t have to post every day to be relevant – just 1-2X a week can be huge for your business.
    • Each social media channel provides a different purpose and different avenue for visibility:
      • LinkedIn: prospective clients, industry members, colleagues
      • Twitter: journalists, media outlets, and thought leaders
      • Facebook: personal networking
      • Instagram: visual storytelling.
    • Organizing a schedule for yourself for posting on social: Mondays and Thursdays, for example:
      • Motivational Monday (inspire your audience with a tip or quote)
      • Throwback Thursday (storytelling – success story of a client).
    • Social media management tools: Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social.
    • Blogs and media are power tools for your social media presence.
      • 1-2 articles a month on your blog
      • Share your blog post on social with relevant hashtags – direct lead to your website
      • Collaborations with others
      • Podcast interviews.
    • Speaking engagements – good client leads

    About Wendi

    Wendi Weiner is an attorney and 6X certified award-winning resume writer with features and publications in almost 75 media outlets and 10+ honors and awards in personal branding, writing, and content strategy. Wendi has successfully built a multi-six-figure resume writing business through her online presence on social media and curation of unique content with strong readership. Prior to founding The Writing Guru®, Wendi worked for almost 12 years as an attorney at top-tier law firms and for a Fortune 200 company.

    Website: www.writingguru.net

    Social:  @thewritingguru

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