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    Get Targeted Testimonials to Easily Close Sales & Boost Your Business (Core Lesson)

    Do you want to know one way to make your business irresistible to job seekers?

    It’s having powerful, targeted testimonials that include metrics!

    This is one of my favorite topics because I rarely see it used, yet it can give your business a massive edge. In short, most career entrepreneurs are completely missing out on this cool strategy, even when they think their testimonials are really good.

    For example, if you are a resume writer, it’s just like what you do in your resumes: you include metrics and CAR stories that make employers pull your client resumes out of the stack.

    Likewise, you want testimonials with hard-hitting metrics that make your prospects want YOU!

    Luckily, career coaches, interview coaches, and resume writers can all easily track and produce the metrics I am talking about.

    I look at a lot of websites for entrepreneurs and small businesses in our industry as part of my Career Profit Rocket Consulting and my Career Website Roadmap program.

    What I notice over and over again is that too many of the testimonials are “fluffy”.

    By fluffy I mean that they lack the tangible results we need to show prospects what results our services really can attain.

    Why does this happen?

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