Use Show & Tell to Up Close Rates on Resume & Career Service Sales (Video Tip)

Close More Sales SignWould you like to close 94-97% of your resume writing and career services prospects on 4-figure sales? 

In this 7-minute video I discuss how to make it happen by:

  • Moving prospect perception from DIY or high-priced luxury to “necessity”.
  • Using three step-by-step ways to easily incorporate visual elements into your consultation to close sales.
  • Implementing edu-fearacating to win buy-in on high-priced packages.
  • Making sure your prospects have seen what you need them to see on your website to better make their decision.
  • Talking to your client with actual scripted wording for steps in the process.
  • Providing your price quote during the consultation with targeted options.

Watch it now (includes subtitles):

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