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    Career Industry Accelerator Club

    Group business coaching and training to accelerate success for resume writers and career coaches.

    There’s NOTHING Like the Accelerator Club to Ensure Unlimited Success as a Career Industry Entrepreneur!

    CDI's Career Industry Accelerator Club

    The Accelerator Club Allows Members to Rapidly Build Relationships & Heighten Their Results!

    Take the Accelerator Club on a Test Drive

    We invite you to experience just some of the energy, networking, and learning that goes on in an Accelerator Club Zoom meeting by watching our November 2022 meeting.

    Reminder: It was called the Fly Higher Tribe at that time.

    We started the session with an initial connect coaching activity that will get you thinking about a transition you are going through in your life currently and helping you find inspiration, support, and connection.

    NOTE: Connection takes place in breakout sessions so you won’t get to see that but you can use the time to do the activity yourself and just imagine how powerful it would be to experience it with colleagues.

    Then you’ll hear the hot seat coaching and engagement section where we discuss:

    • How to reinvent the client coaching feedback process to be far less time consuming and draining.
    • Raising your rates today – when and how + a sneak peek at the 2023 resume pricing survey results.
    • Changing how you process payments for one-off sessions so you aren’t chasing money.
    • Packaging strategies and a la carte pricing wisdom.

    You won’t see the downloadable on-the-go audio MP3 file or all the resources that are posted in our private member forum after the meeting so that you can deep-dive further into topics of choice.

    But we expect you’ll still experience what gives our club such an energizing vibe!

    Note that the video replay button only displays to existing members and requires login.

    And Just Who Am I to Lead The Accelerator Club?

    Hi, I’m Laura DeCarlo, President of Career Directors International, multi-certified business success coach, award-winning resume writer and award-winning placement director, author of four books including Resumes for Dummies, and multi-certified professional.

    I’m also currently a Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist, Certified Content Marketing Specialist, Money Breakthrough Method® Coach, Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer, Certified XChange Guide, elite member of Forbes Coaches Council, and a Certified Money, Marketing and Soul Coach®.

    But that’s the tip of the iceberg because I am ALWAYS learning what works in career services, resume writing, coaching, and business with ongoing training in areas of AI, copywriting, conversion funnels, email marketing, community marketing, SEO, social media marketing, video marketing, curriculum development, and more.

    What matters is the results I help club members to attain!

    For example, we’ve had members:

    • Listen to one session and use the knowledge to launch a $3600/mo new revenue stream.
    • Turn a potential chargeback into $1K added profitability.
    • Overcome concerns and embrace AI tools like ChatGPT to speed up their work.
    • Reduce grueling 14+ hour days to 4-day work weeks through more effective pricing, packaging, and consultations.
    • Avoid pitfalls in start ups and slowdowns in existing businesses by leaning into best practices and emerging solutions.
    • Identify new opportunities for products, programs, and solutions to work less and earn more.
    • Navigate industry challenges like pandemic shutdowns to maintain profitability.

    We’ve seen friendships, partnerships, accountability, and fun come about through our engagements.

    Plus, so much more!

    The Accelerator Club IS what you need to take big steps forward! 

    Sound expensive or too good to be true?  It’s not.

    The Accelerator Club Membership Add-On Tier Includes:

    6-Figure 1-1 Business Consulting for Just Pennies:

    Laura DeCarlo’s 1-1 business consulting program is $2697 for six private sessions.

    Your rate for a year of Accelerator Club is less than just ONE session with Laura. (Depending on when you joined it might be much less).

    But, in Accelerator Club you still get direct 1-1 with Laura because all of our monthly live events are small group so you receive the deep and personalized attention, strategies, and solutions for YOUR unique issue.

    Even if you just listen to the recordings or attend just once a year you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank on this cost vs. ROI model.

    The Power of a Think Tank to 10x Your Knowledge:

    What’s better than the wisdom of one coach?

    50+ coaches!

    That’s about what you get in the Accelerator Club because you’re not just tapping into Laura’s expertise but those of your fellow members.

    For every coaching/consulting question we also open it up to attendees and then there’s the follow up opportunity in the private Facebook community to keep the discussion going and solutions flowing.

    Access to the #2 Way Your Peers Are Growing Their Businesses:

    Every single month we weave into our live 2-hour session an intentional thought-provoking networking activity.

    It’s always centered on the training topic you’ve requested or current industry issues.

    What makes it extra special is that it helps you connect to the topic AND it gives you the chance to network 1-1 with a colleague.

    This is where magic happens!

    We’ve seen partnerships, referrals, book co-authorship, and subcontracting relationships come out of these micro-networking sessions.

    You can often stop the frenzied marketing by slowing down and connecting with your peers.

    Monthly Custom Training You Need Now:

    Every single month we weave into our live 2-hour session an intentional thought-provoking networking activity.

    It’s always centered on the training topic you’ve requested or current industry issues.

    What makes it extra special is that it helps you connect to the topic AND it gives you the chance to network 1-1 with a colleague.

    This is where magic happens!

    We’ve seen partnerships, referrals, book co-authorship, and subcontracting relationships come out of these micro-networking sessions.

    You can often stop the frenzied marketing by slowing down and connecting with your peers.

    Plus, it’s never a boring lecture-based meeting. Our Club meetings are ranked 10/10 by survey participants every single month!

    Learn On Your Time & At Your Command:

    Attending live won’t always make sense and that’s why all the pieces work so well together.

    Prefer to watch the video? You have access to the recording.

    Wish you had an audio to download, keep, and access wherever and whenever? You get one.

    Have a question outside of a live session? Ask it in the group.

    Want to learn about a particular subject but can’t attend live? Request it for a future/next training topic.

    We’ve got you!

    Support All Month Long, Not Just in Live Events:

    But it’s not just one day a month for two hours.

    If you’re tapping into the private Facebook community then you know you have access to your think tank and to Laura whenever you need it.



    Direct Path to All the Best Resources:

    One unique value-add to the Accelerator Club is that after each session Laura shares links to every one of the comprehensive resources in your CDI member section so that you can lean into whatever you need for more step-by-step follow up.

    From best practice tip sheets, consultation scripts and contracts to done-for-you job seeker handouts, you’ll be able to get where you want to go 10X faster with this convenience.

    Savings on 1-1 Consulting:

    Should you decide you want 1-1 coaching and consulting, as a Club member you’ll have access to the Career Business Profit Rocket program (as space is available) at 20% off.

    Career Industry Accelerator Club Member Logo

    Show Prospects You’re Accelerated:

    By displaying the member badge on print or digital media, you can demonstrate your commitment to continuous learning. Show job seekers (and the world) you’re focused on Accelerating your success and theirs!

    You pay a small amount to get BIG results!

    Until now, the Career Industry Accelerator Club has only ever been available as a monthly option.

    Regularly $49/mo, currently we’re rolling out some great opportunities: Monthly at just $37.00 a month!  That’s a 24% savings.

    Annually at only $249.00. That’s a 57% savings.

    You won’t find this value and ROI in any other program in the career services industry!

    There are no contracts and you can always cancel before your next renewal. (Although many of our 2014 Charter Members are still with the Club today!)

    If you are ready to:

    • Start finding LOTS more free time in your week…
    • Love your clients again (or maybe for the first time, or maybe finally get clients)…
    • Charge what you’re worth with total peace of mind (and likely far more than you expect)…
    • Make more $$ per client…
    • Get that project (or your business) off the ground…
    • Build a strong network of colleagues and partners…
    • Get in early on new industry opportunities…
    • Feel recharged, revitalized, and ready to win…
    • Enjoy your life and not just be run by your business…. 

    Then the Career Industry Accelerator Club is for you!

    Don’t miss this chance to become an insider with the Career Industry Accelerator Club. Your future doesn’t have to be on hold any longer!


    Registration Closes Dec 15th!
    Don’t get stuck on the waiting list.

    Don’t get stuck on the waiting list. It’s time to accelerate your success!

    $249 $588 US

    $37 $49 US

    Not a member of CDI? Membership is a pre-requisite.

    Non-member registration includes one year of individual membership ($347 value) to Career Directors International: Your Pathway to Success, rich with ongoing support, networking, and new information.

    If you are not currently a CDI member, please select the Non-Member rate below as it includes mandatory membership. For more information on membership or to select monthly membership instead, visit the Member Benefits page.

    Here are the fine details:

    1. Regardless of what price point you come in at, this rate does not replace your CDI membership rate. This is in addition to your annual or monthly membership payments.
    2. Monthly membership is billed automatically to your credit card on either a monthly or annual cycle. This membership is not available via any other payment method.
    3. Annual members will receive an email renewal reminder 30 days prior to renewal to provide adequate time to cancel.
    4. There are no contracts and commitments and you can cancel at any time. Please allow five (5) days notice by email to info@nullcareerdirectors.com before a payment processing date to cancel without being charged. There are no refunds on payments already made.
    5. Current Zoom events are held on Wednesday at 12 PM Eastern. This is subject to change only due to emergencies or national holiday conflicts.
    6. The regular monthly rate is $49.00.

    For questions about the Career Industry Accelerator Club, contact CDI at info@nullcareerdirectors.com.


    • Get hot seat coaching on your issues directly from CDI’s 6-figure-plus business success coach and audacious entrepreneur architect, Laura DeCarlo. Plus, benefit from the collective wisdom of your Tribe.
    • Receive coaching and support from Laura DeCarlo and your Tribe in a private support forum.
    • Better leverage your CDI membership resources and tools. (There are so many done-for-you sales scripts, presentations, and proven techniques for business growth so that you don’t waste time reinventing the wheel.)
    • Network and create deep relationships with the industry’s leaders and fellow Tribe members.
    • Learn key strategies that can help you up your per-client sales, save hours each week, reclaim your life, and meet your big goals without making sacrifices.
    • Attain coaching questions and activities you can use with your clients from live (and recorded) Tribe events.
    • Save 20% on any 1-1 coaching and consulting with Laura.
    • Plus, gain empowerment, positive energy, goal setting, and results from every group interaction.
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