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    How to Share Quotes that Close Resume Writing & Coaching Sales (Video Tip)

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    Increase sales conversion from consultation & proposal processWhen (and how) should you present your quote to a job seeker prospect for resume writing and/or career services?

    If you’ve tried to close a 4-figure (or less) package on the phone, you’ve probably found that you’re overwhelming prospects and losing them.

    This may have led to you lowering your offer to just what they asked for. Unfortunately, that hurts both you and the client, since 99% need complete solutions to be successful at their job search.

    So maybe you’ve switched to trying to simply avoid talking about cost and sending them a proposal after the call.

    Unfortunately, I’ve seen time and time again that this is the quickest way to lose them since you aren’t there to take their temperature on the offer, respond to objections, create urgency, and get them back on the phone if they have to think about it.

    What’s a career professional to do?

    This 6-min tip video builds on last week’s video: Use Show & Tell to Up Close Rates on Resume & Career Service Sales (link below).

    In this video, I cover:

    • Incorporating your sharing of package options effectively during the consultation in a way your prospects can really absorb and understand.
    • Pricing your a la carte services to make your packages most appealing.
    • Planning ahead to seamlessly prepare pricing for clients in advance of the consultation.
    • Dealing with one-size-does-not-fit-all custom packaging offers.
    • Understanding why a la carte and packages must be shown for initial offering.
    • Realizing (and leveraging) why you MUST be on the phone when prospects see prices.
    • Applying wording and strategy on how to get prospects who had to think about it back on the phone to close the sale.

    Watch it now (includes subtitles):

    Video Transcript

    I know it can seem really overwhelming to try to close a four-figure-plus career services package on the phone with a client.

    There’s so much you have to tell them about. It’s going to overwhelm them. There’s options — this package, that package.

    If you’re trying to do that on the phone, you’re probably overwhelming your prospects and losing them. But on the other hand, if you are making the mistake of saying, “Oh, I’ll send you the quote after”, and not talking money at all. Euw. You are putting yourself at such great risk of losing the sale.

    I’m sure you’re closing some of them. But there is major power to being able to provide the quote and educate the client on the spot. Overcome their concerns. Get them back on the phone if they have to think about it, because it’s more than expected.

    If you follow my models that I’ve taught and other videos about edu-fearacating and show and tell, this won’t be that big of a deal, and you’ll easily get them to yes.

    But you’ve got to stop trying to walk through it all verbally or trying to send it after the consultation.

    So here’s what you’re going to do:

    You need to watch my video on show and tell where you use screen sharing with your prospects and I talk about all the reasons why that can really up your chances of closing the sale.

    You have the resume likely ahead of time, and you know that 99% of your clients need a complete solution (if you’ve watched my other videos). And so you’ve got probably a good idea of how much this resume is going to cost, if you’re someone who does custom resume pricing. So you can prepare in advance to have a pricing sheet to show them.

    That pricing sheet is going to list your a la carte pricing, which should be marked retail. That should be like a, not a 300% retail markup, but it should be significant. I always tell resume writers and career coaches, those prices should make you squirm in discomfort that they’re just too high; who would pay those? They are a la carte; nobody’s supposed to pay those. They’re supposed to pick a package.

    Then you should have three packages. And, I’ve got a video on the sweet spot of packaging. Check that out to learn about what I think make the best three packages.

    But the bottom line is you get to the end of this situation, this a consultation with your prospect, and you’re doing screen sharing with them, and you were able to put on the screen. And so they see it on the screen — and I use a Word, a one page Word document.

    It’s, “Here is the a la carte pricing, and here are the three packages”. If you could get that professionally laid out, or you could just do it yourself. I did it myself, not a big deal.

    I have one for basically every price of resume I could think of, and that’s how I’ve named the Word documents. Uh, 1200.doc. So I know which ones — a couple — to have pulled up ahead of time when I go to talk to someone.

    Then when we were there at the end, I know which one to pull up and put it on the screen. And I can say, “Here’s your a la carte pricing. Here’s your package options. Based on what we’ve discussed today, I would recommend this particular package here. However, I can also customize a package from any five or more of the a la carte items.”

    Obviously the packages are incentive driven with a slight discount. That is to encourage them to purchase.

    But it’s also from the benefit of, hey, if you do it all at once for your prospect, who is going to become your client, you’re not going to have to remember and re-learn who they are when they come back three months from now going, “Well you were right. I need all that stuff. Let’s add it now.”

    It’s best to do it all upfront. Get them ready, prepared and out there to be successful.

    Then, I have other videos you can watch on how to handle the closing of this whole thing.

    But the bottom line is you’ve got to be on the phone with them for this process because you want to now get quiet. You want to give them the chance to respond to you with what they see and think. Sometimes they’ll actually say, “Oh it’s it’s more than I thought but you know I really understand why it’s this much.”

    Or if somebody says, “I have to think about it.” You’re able to then (again watch that video I have on “they had to think about it”). But you can get them back on the phone. “Oh, no problem. You know so many people find they have questions that pop up when they’ve been thinking about it or talk to a spouse. So why don’t we schedule a 15 minute talk tomorrow? I can answer any questions, and if you’re ready at that point we will be able to get you on the calendar.”

    That’s where you can also use other techniques of pointing out, “Hey, just so you know I’ve got one opening available next Tuesday where we could do your interview. So it’s great if we can hop on the phone tomorrow, because I’d love to be able to give you that spot.”

    So, again so so so critical: Don’t send the quote after. Stay on the phone to be able to deal with any of their concerns, their questions; to get the temperature of it. And then to also make sure they’re aware of what happens if they don’t decide today. Again, whole video on that one so I’m not going to go into it.

    I look forward to see you flying higher! You know, make those four-figure sales by quoting while you have them with you and not after the consultation.

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