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    Resume Writing and Career Coaching Packages That Win Sales (Video Tip)

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    How to Create Resume Writing and Career Coaching Packages That Win SalesBy now you may have figured out that a big piece of your sales success for resume writing and career coaching packages is all about your consultation and how you present your offerings. You’ve got to offer job seekers solutions and not just single services!

    Yes, solutions!

    It makes sense for these reasons:

    1. Client success: Job seekers rarely know what they actually need to be successful without your guidance.
    2. Lower client risk-level: Complete solution sales result in less risk of client dissatisfaction because they don’t rely on perception that a single item can be a “magic bullet”.
    3. Less clients needed for revenue goals: You get to stop scrambling to find more clients by selling more to each client.
    4. Greater revenue potential with less stress: You make more revenue per client, taking you out of a repetitive and stressful sales cycle.
    5. Win-win: It’s a win-win for both parties because you make more per client and reduce risk of dissatisfaction and they get all the tools they need to land the job.

    To do this, you have to understand how packaging works, how not to under-price resume writing and career coaching packages, and how to have options and targeting that direct the client’s decision making process.

    No, it doesn’t matter if you are only a resume writer, only a career coach, or both! You can have packages that win sales in every specialty.

    You really can have resume writing and career coaching packages that win sales!

    Packaging truly doesn’t have to be complicated and can be the easiest step you take to a 6-figure-plus income and more successful clients!

    It’s all in my 5-minute video.

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    Today, I am talking about your packaging sweet spot. Because let’s face it, I’m going to drill this into your head, if you’re only selling what your client asked for, you’re doing him or her and you a disservice.

    It is absolutely critical that you have packages because your clients need these solutions and let’s face it, you need to make more money per client because otherwise you’re going to wear out, you’re going to burn out and then what are you going to do? We want to keep that from happening.

    So my favorite package strategy is that you in your consultations always going to be screen sharing with your clients. You are going to be able to show them an a la carte pricing list that’s going to be your full price options.

    – And I want you to think retail. Retail is 300% markup. I’m not saying you have to be 300% up but I want you to be squirming when you’re listing those prices. It should be worth your while to do an entire process with a client and have them only choose one or two services.

    – And then you’re going to have packages.

    Well, a lot of people at first have no packages so they have only an option between yes and no. Then they may have only one package and it’s the everything package but they they don’t do a good job closing the gap and helping the client see why that’s necessary. So they end up selling one or two a la carte services and probably not at the markup I’m talking about.

    We want, ideally, to have three packages. What I want you to think about is three price frames — your small package your medium package, your large package.

    Your large package is pie in the sky. It’s got all the bells and whistles that only a very small percentage of your clients really need. So, there might be recruiter distribution or executive bio. It will have the stuff that you would only sell occasionally.

    Your smallest package will be the basic thing someone could get by with but we know we’re selling ourselves short if they buy that. But it’s a great entry point for a lot of people. So that’s usually what we would refer to as a document package. It’s just going to have the documents they need to squeak by. And to me, those are resume, cover letter, follow up letter, reference page and you may or may not put your LinkedIn profile there depending on what other services you offer.

    Then there’s your middle package, and this is where the psychology comes in. Because when you’re pointing out the service that you want your client to select during your consultation they might even be realizing it, but they’re seeing you’re not trying to drive them to the most expensive package, you’re going in the middle. It’s a nice, happy medium. I have the three bears story in my head right now. But anyway, it’s just right for 99.9% of your clients. So that’s where you’re going to have items that you want to sell, but also items that your clients need.

    If you’re also a coach and a resume writer then that’s where you’ll have, say, your three-hour, once a month Boot Camp, all of your documents, your LinkedIn profile, maybe one hour of one-on-one. I say maybe on the one hour because I love to sell people into the group first. It means I only have to spend three hours a month with everyone, or if I tape it I could just give them an evergreen recording to watch or listen to as many times as they want. At the end of that, I like to upsell people with a special limited time offer into some one-on-one. So, they get to make a smaller initial purchase to get all the basics of job search and interview strategy and then work with me to laser focus with a secondary upgrade on the backend.

    But the bottom line is, your middle/main package is going to cover what the majority of your clients need to be successful. So now you show them this page (I offered custom resume pricing so I had custom pages for basically every resume amount). You just pull it up on your screen while doing screen-sharing with join.me or whatever screen-sharing tool you want to use. They see it, they see the a la carte — remember people are visual. They see their packages and then I just express to them, “These are my a la carte prices, my most popular packages. I’m going to suggest this is the one that is best for you based on what we’ve discussed today. However, I can do a custom package with a discount from any four or more a la carte items.”

    Then I shut up and I let them figure out what it is they want to do. Nine times out of 10 they will pick the middle package.

    Broken record here but 94-97% close rate, six-figure income, it didn’t happen by mistake! I did it because I followed a process and this is part of it.

    So let’s keep flying higher.

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    1. Hey, all, heed the wise words of our superhero goddess. Laura, suggested I bundle my services to boost deal size. It has totally worked. Actually, I haven’t bundled yet, but I added a recommendation engine to the checkout process and I’m surprised to see just how many clients (80%) are ordering Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profiles, and Resume Distribution. I guess the whole “you want fries with that?” thing works.

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