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    SWOT Analyze Yourself to Close Career & Resume Sales (Video Tip)

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    As career entrepreneurs reliant on closing prospect conversations, you’ve got to know how to spin your weaknesses into strengths. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing sales to someone who was simply more prepared to play up their strengths and downplay their weaknesses.

    The goal is to be able to turn away prospects that are not a fit, and not to lose ones you would like to work with simply because you aren’t prepared to sell your strengths AND your weaknesses.

    When I worked with job seekers I saw it all the time — if there was a question they dreaded answering in the job interview, they simply prayed it wouldn’t get asked.

    You know this game, right?

    If you were to ask a room of job seekers if they’ve ever been asked, “What is your greatest weakness?” then you know that 80% or more will raise their hand.

    Then ask if after they blew this question once did they then take the time to prepare for the next interview where it might be asked and…

    You’ll be lucky if 10% will raise their hand.

    It’s also not just that question. It can be anything they lack confidence around (or have been told they should be insecure about) such as: “Why didn’t you go to college?” or “Why would we hire you when you’ve been out of work these past six years?”, and so on.

    Now this might surprise you, but:

    This is rampant with career entrepreneurs as well!

    In the many years I’ve been offering one-to-one consulting and group coaching through the CDI Tribe, this comes up time and time again. It might look like:

    “I don’t offer a guarantee like my clients do and some prospects question that.”

    “I get asked sometimes if I’m a specialist, but I’m a generalist.”

    “I’ve only been doing this for a few years.”

    “I don’t have certifications (or awards) that my colleagues have.”

    “I came from a different industry before this and don’t have the HR or recruiting background so many of my colleagues have.”

    The good news is, anyone CAN PREPARE IN ADVANCE to win when being asked about their weaknesses, real or perceived!

    The goal of my 8-minute video is to:

    • Give you more strategic control of your consultation appointments by helping you be prepared to be interviewed by your prospects.
    • Wake you up to the importance of doing a SWOT analysis of your real or perceived strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats now. When you find anything you feel the least bit insecure about, or that you dread being asked, you can then take action to come up with a marketing spin answer (or put the wheels in motion to change the situation).
    • Jump start this process for you by providing sample answers for questions about not offering a guarantee or not being a specialist in the prospect’s field.

    Watch the video now:

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