Navigate “How much does a resume cost?” to Close Sales (Video Tip)

How much does it cost?

From the feedback I receive from resume writers (and career coaches), everyone hates this question, rolls their eyes when asked, and wonders why the prospect on the other end of the phone didn’t just read their website.

I get it. I’ve been there.

Even if it IS on your website, you’re still going to get this question.

But in this video I am really challenging you to put this question into a new perspective.

I want you to get really excited because instead of screening out someone on price, I want you to see the opportunity to book a consultation and shift someone from a glorified typist mentality to buying in on a full suite of career services that 94-97% of them will gladly pay you for. Let’s also be clear: I’m not referring just to executives and high-salary candidates. In the 90s I was closing clients at ALL levels on packages of $1200-1500. Today, resume writers who use my model (which I give away free to CDI members) are closing packages into the $3-10K range.

Here’s one of my favorite examples from Karen Bartell of Best-in-Class Resumes: 

I tried your 97% close rate script and it was like some kind of magic. I went into the spiel with the prospect, “3 different audiences, keywords, etc”.

He acted like he couldn’t get out his credit card fast enough; like he was afraid I would go away. He tried to give me his credit card while driving! In the past they used to tell me they were driving as a way to get off the phone. But, by using your tried-and-true method, driving was not an object, it’s like I was giving away gold.


Well, another amazing event! I had a consult call with a client early in their career using your magic spiel. I quoted and sold him my “Deluxe” package for double the price I would have charged someone at his level before. He told me he was honored to work with me.

This all means that now I can make the sale, at double the price, and the privilege is theirs!

You too can have a 94-97% close rate and a 6-figure-plus income!  

In this 8 minute video I discuss:

  • Understanding the innocent reason prospects start the conversation asking this question.
  • Using an easy strategy to ensure you come across as positive and upbeat, even if you are seething with irritation.
  • Shifting from screening out based on price to understanding the need to provide a thought shift to prospects using edu-fear-acating.
  • Applying my scripts for answering the how much does it cost question and booking the consultation AND when they dig in their heels and want at least a price range. (NOTE: When I say, “Don’t freak out at the range I am giving you”, I am speaking to resume writers and do not say this to job seekers.)
  • Accessing my favorite simple mental muscle-building process for getting over sales and telephone terror.

Watch the video now:

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2 thoughts on “Navigate “How much does a resume cost?” to Close Sales (Video Tip)”

  1. Hi Laura.
    I just listened to your video on “how much does it cost.” I am interested in your strategy, as I have been using the same old (maybe tired) mantra and feel that it might be time for a new approach!

    I am not a member of Career Directors now but have been in the past. I’m a long-time writer and belonged to many of the resume writing organizations as they morphed/grew. For some reason, I dropped off the organized list.

    Is it possible to get “6-Figure Blueprint for Consulting, Sales, Packaging & Closing … and … (Start with the 2-part Core Process to see my 94-97% consultation close script & strategy).

    If there is a fee, let me know. Thanks, Laura!

  2. Hi Lorie! Good to hear from you! The 6-Figure Blueprint for Consulting, Sales, Packaging & Closing is actually a compendium of 15 different CDI master tools from how-to lessons to my sales script. It is also one piece of our Ultimate CDI Member Resource Guide to Success. Since my script alone has allowed members to double and triple their rates, and close those new rates from the very first sale, the package is worth around $2697. However, you can get access to the items in these compendiums along with all of CDI’s other existing and upcoming master materials simply by becoming a member. There are both monthly and annual options. You can learn more about membership and all CDI has to offer at https://careerdirectors.com/join-cdi/member-benefits/. Hope we’ll see you flying higher with us soon!

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