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    Resume Writers: Do This When Change Requests Will Kill Your Resume (Template + Core Lesson)

    Helping a confused client get clear

    No matter how good of a professional resume writer you are, at some point this will happen to you.

    Your client will return for edits and say:

    “My brother’s sister’s wife’s aunt works in Human Resources, and she said….<insert butchering of resume to return it to evil, generic status…>.”

    You want your client to be happy but you know the requested changes are just going to hurt their chances.

    Unfortunately, their trust level has dipped and they are feeling uncertain.

    If you make the changes, there’s two types of big, potential risk:

    They will struggle in their job search and/or you may get a charge back or bad review if the resume doesn’t work for them.

    If you try to talk them out of the damaging changes, they will likely interpret it as you just wanting to get your way. Right now they are too confused to know what to trust and their ears are closed. You risk making them upset even though all you want to do is help them!

    But it doesn’t have to be frustrating or end badly.

    There is an easy way to get your client back on the same page with you regarding their resume!

    In this lesson, I provide a very simple way to get your clients to sit up, tune in, and get back on board with what you know makes a winning resume.

    The lesson includes:

    • Scripted wording for what to say.
    • Downloadable MS Word template to customize for your business.
    • Optional resources when the issue is around a specific recruiter or career center.
    • Preemptive strategy to keep this topic from coming up at all with your clients.
    • Scripts for handling when clients come back after the resume has been finalized and claim it’s not working.

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