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    Entrepreneurs: What You Focus on IS What You Will Sell (Video Tip)

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    What you focus on is what you will sellLet’s face it, as a resume writer, career coach, or full career service provider, you want the best for your clients; you want them to succeed. But did you know that 80% of the time, what you focus on in is what you will sell?

    It’s true! But I see industry professionals making the same consultation mistakes over and over that result in:

    • Lower per-client sales.
    • Clients who don’t walk away with the solutions they truly need to be successful.

    I’m not saying what you sell isn’t great. But I’m saying, your decisions, beliefs, and/or perceptions are keeping both parties from fully realizing the greatest potential levels of success.

    Some of the biz-busting mistakes include:

    1. Projecting your own perceptions or beliefs on what a client needs or can afford.
    2. Expecting clients to know or decide without your guidance and edu-fear-acating what services they should invest in.
    3. Avoiding focusing your energy and passion on guiding the client to a full-service solution they truly need to succeed.

    It’s actually very easy to attain a 94-97% close rate and have a 6-figure-plus income as a career professional! Just remember that what you focus on is what you will sell! Luckily that’s exactly what job seekers need!

    In this 3-minute video I share tips and strategies for creating these win-win sales.

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    I’ve got a really simple tip for you today: what you focus on is what you’re going to sell most as a resume writer and career coach.

    What do I mean?

    Specifically, your clients are coming to you for guidance on what they need. They’re likely going to think they just need a resume.

    I call that the “gateway drug”. Because everybody knows they need a resume, but they don’t know what else they need.

    If you just have a list or you expect them to look on your website and determine what it is they need, they’re not going to.

    They’re going to rely on you.

    So your job is to have packages, to have options, and I’m going to cover best ideas for package layouts to attract sales later.

    But what’s important is you’ve got to have a package that’s going to fit your clients, the one that is going to be appropriate for 99% of the people that come to you. And let me be very clear here that you can’t make assumptions on what your clients need based on their income, their clothing, their personality, their status level. It’s not fair.

    Just because someone is an executive doesn’t mean they’re up to date on today’s job search techniques.

    Just because somebody does sales for a living doesn’t mean, no, no, no, that they can do sales for themselves.

    You need to be thinking that, unless your client comes to you and says, “I already have an interview lined up and I just need a resume,” that’s probably the only situation in which your client doesn’t need a complete solution.

    So we need to sell solutions.

    In your package layouts, you’re going to have the one that’s ideal for 99% of the people who come to you. And if you put your focus on that, if you use your consultation to “edufearacate”, that’s educating with fear, helping them see the gap that they cannot do this themselves and why they need to value a professional. If you have told the stories, used your screen-sharing to show success stories, shown samples of your work, you’ve exploited the gap, you’ve helped them see that they need this complete solution. And then, you can point them to what’s best for them, they will buy, 80% of the time, where you put your focus.

    If you have a great a la carte list for them to choose from to create their own custom package or to just buy at full price, more power to you. That’s one of the ways we help them see the value of the package, but you’ve got to drive your clients to the solution best for them, and they’ll take it. I promise you. I didn’t a 94 to 97% close rate and a six-figure income back in 1995, and that’s 26 years ago, right? Anyway, that didn’t happen by mistake.

    You can do it, too. Just point your clients to the package that’s best for them.

    Let’s fly higher.

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