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    Ultimate CDI Member Resource Guide to Success (Webinar & Link Document)

    What keeps you up at night? 

    That was the key question in a recent short member survey that you hopefully participated in. Many did, which led to my being able to create this webinar, CDI website benefit tour, a beautiful 14-page e-book of member resources, and links to the mostly commonly needed member help topics.

    The topics include: 

    • Websites
    • Time Management
    • Getting Clients
    • Business Start Up & Growth
    • Pricing & Selling
    • Resume Writing
    • Publishing a Book
    • Client Control & Customer Satisfaction
    • Hiring Subcontractors
    • Additional Services to Provide to Clients
    • Working with Executive Clients
    • What to Do With Resume Updates

    That comprises ALL the questions that were asked except for four which I mention by name in the webinar. You can be sure you will be seeing new resources in those areas very soon!

    Format of these materials: 

    These materials have been formatted into a webinar (video), this page, and a downloadable handout. The reason for this dual approach is that (1) I didn’t think you’d ever find all these links on your own without guidance and (2) your survey replies showed us that your favorite ways to learn are by webinar/video and by written/step-by-step lessons!

    A moment on those findings – everyone learns differently but webinars and written lessons were the favorite followed by teleclasses and then the other types (quick tips, infographics, etc). We’ll continue to provide you with a diversity of materials to meet your different learning needs as we move forward!

    So let’s get started!

    Become a Member to access the Handout and the resources listed in the links below.

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