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    Resume Writers & Career Coaches: Use Holiday Downtime for a Winning New Year

    10 Ways to Leverage Holiday Downtime for New Year Business Success - Cover

    Holiday downtime can be the entrepreneur’s gift of rest and rejuvenation, but it can also be a great opportunity to set yourself up for your most winning new year.

    Finding balance is what’s key!

    In yesterday’s livestream show I rounded up our top ten (10) strategies you can pick from to make success happen.

    Whether you take some or all of these actions now, or you use them to guide you at the start of the New Year, these are sure-fire strategies to move your business powerfully forward.

    They include:

    1. Take stock of your wins and learning lessons from the past year.
    2. Ensure your brand is consistent on all platforms.
    3. Leverage your prospect lists or get one started.
    4. Reach out to former clients.
    5. Follow up with prospects who had to think about it.
    6. Review your prices, packages, and consultation strategy.
    7. Create a plan for enhancing visibility and engagement.
    8. Complete that project, product, or program that never gets finished.
    9. Review and update your client agreement.
    10. Connect with your colleagues.

    10 Ways to Leverage Holiday Downtime for New Year Business Success


    Another great week of bonuses and benefits for association members!!!

    This week we’ve got tons of deep-dive resources on the ten actions above. Plus, with this livestream show, members get a bonus AI prompt.

    About the Bonus Prompt: This week I’ve created one to help you more easily build your 2024 content calendar for social media posts and/or blogging.

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    Replay & Next Livestream

    Next Wednesday we’re taking a holiday break.

    Plan to join us Wed, 1/03 at 3:45 PM EST where I’ll be discussing Profiles of 6-Figure Career Services Businesses.

    This will be our last pull from the Critical industry analysis survey of what’s working and what’s not in career service industry businesses. This will look at what resume writers and career coaches grossing $100-199K and those grossing $200K-$600K in annual revenue are doing.

    Be sure to join me on LinkedInYouTube, or in our Facebook group. And, don’t forget to like, follow, and subscribe so you stay in the know!

    Watch the Livestream Recording

    Watch the replay below where I address each of these topics in greater depth, and be sure to check out the additional supporting resources at the very bottom.

    Member’s Only Content – Get the bonus ChatGPT Prompt, Slides, and Recording below.

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