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    5 Strategies to Bust Barriers and Bash Imposter Syndrome to Reach Goals

    How to Bust Barriers and Bash Imposter Syndrome to Reach Goals

    You don’t have to let imposter syndrome or similar blocks and barriers hold you back from your ultimate success!

    When resume writers, career coaches, or job seekers have told me that they ‘can’t’ do something or that they ‘won’t succeed’ because of some perceived block, I know it’s simply not true.

    Early in my career as a resume writer I was tapped to create and run a welfare-to-work six-week transition course and job placement program.

    Thrown in headfirst, I not only had to bring myself up to speed in areas outside of resume writing, but work with adult students who were seeking to overcome a myriad of real and perceived challenges standing between themselves and gainful employment.

    I discovered that the biggest challenge is the same one that we all wrestle with in one way or another – invisible beliefs that are unique to each of us.

    I rapidly proved that mindset is truly the key to the kingdom as I helped hundreds of adults in the program to dramatically change their vision for themselves and achieve employment at living wages.

    My program was such a success that it would be recognized for the 7 consecutive years I ran it for top placement levels out of 11 campuses in two countries.

    Better yet, I’ve gone on to apply the same principles to clients in my private practice and more recently to CDI’s member resume writers and career coaches to help each population bust through self-created barriers to success.

    In this session I detail five very different, yet truly simple, strategies that will help you bust past your thought system so you, and your clients, can attain the goals that are so important to you.

    They include: 

    1. Visualization
    2. Modeling
    3. Focus Construct
    4. Negative Reinforcement Projection
    5. Busting Beliefs 6-Step Process

    Regardless of how you are wired, you’ll find a belief-busting exercise that works for you!

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