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    AI (ChatGPT) for Leery & Curious Career Industry Pros with 10 Prompts (Video)

    AI - ChatGPT for the Leery & Curious Career Industry Pro - Video Lesson & Prompts

    Leaning into AI is incredibly important for career industry pros today, and that’s why this session is so vital to identifying and using prompts for tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard in your daily resume writing and career coaching services.

    This is tech that you CANNOT afford to ignore (like 26% in the industry are currently doing) or just wish away (like approximately 11% tell us they plan to do)!

    As your VIRTUAL virtual assistant, using AI can save you tremendous time in daily tasks, creativity, planning, strategy, and showing up as a superhero to your job-seeking clients.

    Some tasks made simple and lightning-fast:

    • Wading through lengthy questionnaire content and turning it into bulleted brilliance.
    • Identifying new targets and opportunities for your clients.
    • Evaluating matches to job targets.
    • Finding keyword matches between work history and target positions.
    • Providing content and ideas for cover letters, social posts, videos, follow up letters, and more.
    • Turning long documents or books into tip sheets, outlines, blog posts, reviews, and social posts.
    • Creating amazing headlines from your written content.
    • Helping you communicate with clients efficiently.

    At the very least, knowledge is power, and once you’ve played with this free tech, you can educate prospective clients on why it will hurt them to try to use AI for their employment documents and strategy campaign.

    In this session we gave CDI members a taste of our Career Industry Accelerator Club, a structured membership tier that more closely connects members together while giving you the immense boost of F2F training immersion and hot seat coaching with 6-figure business success coach, Laura DeCarlo.

    We also heard from Club member, Brenda Bernstein, on the benefits of belonging and rolled out the Cyber Week offer of just $199/yr when you join BEFORE we close registration on 12/15/2023.

    (I don’t know where else you can get private trainings, 1-1 consulting and coaching, networking, and the power of a think tank for just $16/mo!)

    During our AI segment we looked at Google Bard and ChatGPT, and then ran through 10 different prompts for resume writing and career services, which I’ll share below for your use.

    The chief goal of this session was to open up these tools to those of you who are curious and wanting to dabble, and to give you ideas on how to easily get started.

    Attendees rated this session 10/10 in the survey with 100% strongly agreeing they learned how easy it actually is to use AI as part of their services.

    They described the session as: 

    “Loved it! Truly. Helpful. Immediately Useful + Interactive + Enlightening, Energizing, Informative.”

    They liked most about the session: 

    • Networking
    • New potentialities
    • Interactive + Fun + Keeping us up-to-date on the most current technology for writing and how to specifically use ChatGPT!
    • Clear ideas of how to use ChatGPT to make our resume writing lives easier!

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