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    10 Steps to a Competitive Edge in Your Life and Career

    During my life and career, I have achieved so much and frequently against what seems like significant odds. I have battled a debilitating chronic pain disease, built a successful resume business as expert for 36 national/international professional associations with nine sub-contractors, provided nationwide transition assistance programs for the US government, written a book, developed two certifications, won numerous awards, and attained the role of CDI President. Like each of you, I have been challenged to attain a balance in my life between personal and professional goals, to find ways to wring more time and productivity out of each day, to do the things I don’t want to do but need to be done, and most importantly, to continually be awake and aware, and not caught on the auto pilot that captures most of us as we work through each day.

    Now, let’s be clear, I’m human; I have had my share of slips and slides. I’ve let my disease get the best of me, I’ve whined and complained, I’ve gained weight, I’ve felt a victim of my day…I’ve been dissatisfied with my life. But, never when I diligently incorporate the ten steps into my daily life!

    I am going to share with you each week one of these ten steps that has allowed me to change my life. To go from a state of daily auto pilot (caught on the wheel of life) to a state of vibrant being where I am at harmony, mentally, spiritually, physically, and professionally, reaching for goals and capturing them with the benefit of enjoying and living each moment.

    Some of these steps will seem to be common sense, and a few you will no doubt have seen before. Bear with me; come with me on this exciting journey. It is worthwhile, whether you have a giant goal, a dream, or a simple need to reclaim part of each day for yourself.

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