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    How Resume Writers & Career Coaches Leverage Partnerships as a Top Marketing ROI Strategy

    Partnerships are the #2 Highest Grossing Marketing Strategy for Resume Writers and Career Pros - Livestream

    There’s a reason why partnerships and professional referrals commands the #2 spot as the highest ROI marketing strategy used in 2023 by career industry pros, including resume writers and career coaches.

    Following on the heels of the #1 strategy, customer referrals, this was an amazing topic for a deep strategy dive in this week’s show.

    In preparing, I surprised even myself in recalling just how life- and career-changing just one partnership or professional referral can be!

    This session is PACKED with gems, examples, and opportunities around capitalizing on these accessible, low/no overhead opportunities:

    • Overcoming the myth that you need to start globally vs locally to get the most traction.
    • How to think about what you do and who can help you move forward.
    • Why showing up and asking is 75% of the battle.
    • Strategy for making it happen even when you’re shy, introverted, or expecting rejection.
    • Offers and opportunities that exist in associations (national and local), corporations, events, volunteer roles, community centers, networking groups, job clubs, and of course with your colleagues.
    • How your colleagues are leveraging the BEST community around with its free (member included) connection events. (Hint: It’s CDI).

    Partnerships - #2 Top ROI Marketing Strategy for Career Industry Professionals

    Plus, the important announcement to non-members and members who want more:

    Membership Registration is Closing!

    Cyber Week offers are rolling out on Monday, but more importantly, both Association Membership and the Career Industry Accelerator Club Membership are closing for registration on December 15th. After that you’ll be added to the waiting list.

    I mention members wanting more, because existing members can take advantage of both offers to add additional years at the Cyber Week rates. (This is something CDI has not offered since 2015 that was a favorite of many of our charter members!)


    Another great week of bonuses and benefits for association members!!!

    In the member’s only section below I’ve shared links to:

    • New AI (ChatGPT) marketing prompt.
    • Best practices tip sheet on professional referrals.
    • Presentation script that scales 10-60 minutes and packs your calendar with consults.
    • Two resources for profiting from career fairs – audio program and lesson.
    • Three more included, live event partnership-building opportunities left in 2023!
    • Today’s live included event: Power of Cyber Offers, a 2-hour jam-packed program. (Recording available 11/17).

    CDI membership is high-ROI if you’re not already one of our career superheroes! Again, we’ll have Cyber Week Offers starting Monday on membership and our Career Industry Accelerator Club. That’s VERY important since registration will close on both programs on 12/15/2023. Then it’s wait list city!

    About the Bonus Prompt: This prompt will write a fantastic partnership pitch for a colleague or other target entity/organization.

    Replay & Next Livestream

    Next Wednesday, 11/22/2023 at 3:45 PM Eastern we’re talking about:

    2023 Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) award winners! (This is the official announcement of winners in all ten categories and we may look at a few resumes, time permitting).

    Be sure to join me on LinkedInYouTube, or in our Facebook group every Wednesday at 3:45 PM Eastern. And, don’t forget to like, follow, and subscribe so you stay in the know!

    Watch the Livestream Recording

    Member’s Only Content – Get the bonus ChatGPT Prompt, Slides, and Recording below.

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