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    Your Brain is Blocking You from Joy – How to Hit Big Goals (Video Tip)

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    Rugged, terrifying terrain didn’t hold me back, and my resolve only became stronger to trust myself and ignore those protective voices!
    My legs were going out, but I hiked 4 miles in Sedona the day before experimental stem cell surgery (to save the use of my arms and legs). Every protective instinct tried to stop me, but I lived and felt joyful and empowered!

    There’s something you long to do — write a book, try a new sport, raise your prices, get active despite disability — so what’s holding you back?

    You’ve got MANY tidy reasons that all make a lot of sense but the truth is, your brain is just getting in the way and blocking you from finding your joy.

    If I’ve learned anything in this journey, it’s that what screws us up most is our vision of how things are supposed to happen.

    Then, that voice tells us no and we close that door telling ourselves, “later”.

    But does later ever come?

    No one is knocking on my door with a miracle cure to my ailments or a winning lottery ticket.

    Life is short. We’ve all got to sneak by our protective brains to realize we can go out there and do just about anything we want to, even when it (and possibly the world) is trying to protect us by telling us not to try, not to fail.

    So just how do we get what we want even when the voice in our head (not the crazy voice but the protective brain), tells us we shouldn’t or can’t?

    Watch my 6 minute video for a little Monday motivation, hope, and a kick to the brain, because anything IS possible!

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